Advanced Credit Program

The Advanced Credit Program (ACP) is a dual credit program as defined by the Missouri Board of Higher Education. This program permits qualifying students to earn college credit and to become familiar with the college experience while still in the high school setting. College credits earned through ACP are accepted at all of Missouri's public colleges and universities and many other institutions across the country.

New Teacher Orientation 2014-15

Register here for the new teacher orientation.



Spring 2014 registration is now closed.

Fall 2014 registration will open August 11th.

Fall 2014 registration will close September 12th.


ACP Video

If you would like to know how taking courses through the Advanced Credit Program may benfit you, watch our new video. Former ACP students talk about the benefits they recieved as a result of participating in our program.

For more information on the value of dual credit programs, visit NACEP in the News.

The Advanced Credit Program at UMSL offers high-caliber juniors and seniors at selected high schools the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school. For more information, please call the Advanced Credit Program office at (314) 516-7005.