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Pay for your ACP courses

Paying for your ACP courses

The Advanced Credit Program fee is about one-fifth of the cost for regular undergraduate courses on campus. Advanced Credit Program courses cost $70 per credit hour. A three-credit course with the ACP costs $210, while a three-credit hour course would cost approximately $1,100 for an undergraduate student to take on campus. Keep in mind that most (but not all) ACP courses are three-credit hours. 

Pay your bill

Mail your check, money order, or cashier’s check to:

327 Millennium Student Center
1 University Blvd.
St. Louis, MO


Pay online using our guest pay system. (2.95% convenience fee charged for this option)

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The Billing Process
An initial billing statement will be both mailed to the student and emailed to the parent after the registration process. Subsequent monthly billing statements will also be issued. All fees are due and payable as directed on the student's monthly billing statement. A minimum payment option is available and will appear on each bill.
Finance Charges
Students can avoid finance charges by paying the amount in full. If a student chooses to make a partial or minimum payment, a finance charge will be assessed on the remaining unpaid balance at the rate of 1% per month.
Late Fees
If the minimum payment, or a partial payment equaling more than the minimum, is not paid on or before the scheduled due date, a $25 late fee will be charged to the account.
Student Scholarships
Each school partnered with the ACP will receive scholarships for current ACP students. The schools will determine which of their students receive scholarships based on financial need and academic performance. Students should discuss scholarships with their teachers and guidance counselors. These scholarships are used towards the tuition for ACP courses.