Professional Development 2020-2021

NACEP, the Advanced Credit Program's accrediting body, requires all dual credit adjuncts to attend one professional development workshop every academic year. For this reason, the ACP offers a wide variety of PD workshops each year. A list of this year's professional development workshops will become available as we schedule them.  To see last year's schedule of events, see list below. 

Adjuncts who participate in these workshops receive one student scholarship (limit two per academic year). The ACP awarded $76,500 in student scholarships last year. If you have questions, please email Cyndee McCann at or check out a map with some of the most common locations of PDs.


LAST PD of the YEAR -

Psychology - April 3 at 9 am on Zoom, presented by Jennifer Siciliani, PHD


Despite an overwhelming volume of reports highlighting not only its dangers, but also the marketing tactics aimed at hooking teens and young adults; data show clearly that the numbers of middle and high school students taking to vaping continues to climb exponentially. It appears that teens are overlooking (or underestimating) that the key ingredient in the vapors they inhale – nicotine – is an addictive substance, regardless of how it gets into their bodies. Indeed, reports indicate that discussions with youth about vaping often end when youth claim that vaping is “safe.” Although it is possible to buy liquid or pod refills without nicotine, the data indicate that youth simply are not buying these. What’s more, recent research shows that young people who vape are far likelier to move on to cigarette smoking.

This session will begin where these usage data leave off. “Taught” to attendees on a level and using pedagogy that could be used to teach it to your students, the intention of this session is to build on these findings by providing a brief (entry-level) discussion of (a) pharmacodynamics and routes of administration, (b) addictive substances, (c) the neurobiology of addiction, and (d) any questions you may have about these topics. Although this session is not intended to help attendees with how to talk to our students about these topics (this is the purview of your trained professional counselors), it will give you a solid background for doing so. This session will substantiate that – regardless of the means why which any addictive substance gets into the body – once inside, it will trigger the neurobiology of addiction within the brain. And this has ramifications.





History Professional Development - September 14, 2020 at 7 PM.

"Suffrage at 100: Women's Rights, Civil Rights, and Voting Rights from 1920 to COVID-19"

Presented by:  Liette Gidlow

Zoom at

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Political Science Professional Development - September 23, 2020  - 7:00 pm

"Teaching in 202: Civil Discourse and the Election"

Presented by: Dr. Anita Manion


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ART Spring PD

Logo Design: History and Workshop - Monday March 1, 5 -7:30

5:00-5:15 pm greetings and news

5:15-6:15 Scott Gericke will be presenting “Logo Design: History and Workshop"

Description: Learn the stories and strategies behind some famous logos and try your hand at making a few!

Materials: Come with paper, scissors, tape or gluestick, and a pen (Sharpie if you have one, a thick and thin is ideal, but we will use what you have on hand!)

6:15-6:30 Short Break and visiting/discussion time

6:30-7:30 Jenn Fisher will be presenting “Some suggestions on how to engage students in the pandemic”

Description: Jen will discuss her research into motivating gifted students and give suggestions and ideas for motivating students through the challenges teachers face during the pandemic.




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German Professional Development - October 17, 2020  - 9:00 amto 12 pm

"Fall Workshop for German Teachers"

Presented by: Anja Schmitt

Zoom Meeting

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Communication and Media Professional Development - TBD


Presented by:TBDh


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Biology Professional Development - October 31, 10 am- 11:30 am

"Teaching General Biology and Human A&P Labs Online"

Presented by:  Marc Spingola and Ambrose Kidd

ZOOM Link will be sent prior to meeting

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Psychology Professional Development - TBD


Presented by: Jennifer Siciliani


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Mathematics Professional Development -November 10, 4:30 PM

"Teaching Mathematics During COVID 19"

Presented by: Jennifer Shrensker, Nazire Kioc, and Qiang Dotzel


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ED Collabitat Professional Development - TBD

"Educator Specific Series"

Presented by:



Philosophy Professional Development -Saturday, November 7, 9:30 - 11:30>

Confuscious in Ancient and Modern China.

Universally known as China's greatest thinker, Confucius lived from about 550 to 475 BC. In his own time he struggled to gain recognition for his ideas. We want to study what was so important about those ideas and how they soon attained an authoritative status. Modern China has been far more ambivalent about Confucius. Under Mao Zedong he was reviled as a dangerous reactionary. More recently, he has been restored to his traditional role as a paragon of wisdom, whom China proudly displays to the world. What is the real significance of Confucius in China today? Among other things we want to ponder the question of whether Confucianism is or ever has been a religion.

Presented by:  David Griesedieck


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English Professional Development - Saturday, February 6th, 9:30

"Engaging the Dual Pandemics in the English Classroom: Anti-Racist Teaching and Online Coping Strategies for Reading and Writing Focused Classes"

Presented by:  Paula Coalier, Matthew Kimbrell, WIlliam Klein, Christopher Schott, Lynn Staley, and Kathryne Watt


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Foreign Languages Professional Development -Saturday, February 27th, 9-10:30

"Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion"

Presented by:  Tim Abeln, Martha Caeiro, Amy D'Agrosa, Sandy Trapani, Violaine White, and John Trevathan


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