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Potential/New/Transfer Student Advising

Potential students or applicants, including HS students, transfer students, and students in other majors, thinking of selecting/switching major to join the department, or just taking some courses in our department, can be advised by seeing the designated undergraduate coordinator:

Mark Hauschild for Computer Science, 314-516-6426, HauschildM@umsl.edu.  

Please call, or better e-mail, to schedule an appointment.

You may also reach out to the chair of the department, Dr. Cezary Janikow at janikowc@umsl.edu for assistance.  

Please note that we will help with issues related to our courses, including transfers into our courses, and with our programs and certificates. For questions regarding applying to the university, or questions about transferring other courses, please contact either admissions or the College of Arts and Science academic advisor.