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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements - 2+3 Program CS

After transitioning from provisional acceptance to formal acceptance into the program, the student is reclassified as a graduate student. The student continues to complete his/her undergraduate degree as needed as courses taken from this moment can count toward both BS and MS degrees (up to six 4xxx-level credit hours taken with the C1 form while in the provisional status can also count toward both degrees). Up to 12 total credit hours can be counted toward both degrees, effectively reducing credits needed to complete the MS program by up to 12.

After the formal admission, the student is eligible for all benefits available to the graduate students including Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) or Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA).

The student will be awarded both the BS and MS degrees at the same time at the conclusion of the program, only upon completing the requirements for each.

The student may drop the 2+3 program at any time and graduate with just the BS degree, if necessary or desired, as long as the BS requirements have been satisfied. In such a case, credits taken after the formal acceptance will be available as graduate credits for any further graduate studies except for those credits necessary to complete the BS program (the student may come back for MS but will lose the double counting).

To optimize the flexibility or the 2+3 program, proper scheduling and advising is crucial. Students in the 2+3 program should always work with the 2+3 coordinator toward this goal.