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B.S. in Computing Technology


The BS in Computing Technology program is designed for those interested in a broad and deep computing education but without some traditional advanced courses, those who want to focus more on technologies and to transition to fulfilling careers. Elective courses can be grouped into one of the available certificates to solidify specialization. Graduating seniors can find in-demand careers in many related areas such as cybersecurity, networks, Internet programming, software and mobile apps development, data science, AI, graphics, or pursue additional graduate studies.

The entire program can be completed in the evening, and students starting now should be able to complete the program online. Students must also satisfy all UMSL requirements for a BS degree. Student can also choose to earn one of the available certificates. In addition to university scholarships, the department awards $50k annually in mostly merit-based scholarships.


List of preapproved InfSys electives

This certificate can be complete Evenings UMSL-E-lowres.png on Online.


Starting with 2021/2022 academic year we will replace the required InfSys 3868 with InfSys 3820 - System Administration.  Please plan on taking that instead. The other can be still used as an alective.

Starting with FS22 we allow 2000-or above electives, and we add InfSys 2800 to preapproved InfSys electives.