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B.S. in Mathematics with emphasis in Data Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a program of study leading to the B.S. in mathematics degree with an emphasis in data science. This program provides a sufficient background in mathematics, statistics, and to some extent, computer science to produce graduates who can work in areas requiring applied mathematical techniques and tools.  This degree is structured to allow additional, optional, courses that enable the student to focus on a variety of further areas of interest. 

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Degree Requirements

The following is a brief summary of degree requirements. For complete information and restrictions, please consult the University of Missouri-St. Louis Bulletin appropriate for you.

  • All general education requirements of the University. Courses in the major may be used to meet the university’s general education breadth of study requirement in natural sciences and mathematics.
  • The following course work in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is required. (Must be completed with a grade of C- or higher)

Core Requirements

In addition to the core requirements, the B.S. in Mathematics degree with emphasis in Data Science requires:

Specialized Requirements

  • MATH 4005 Exploratory Data Analysis with R
  • MATH 4070 Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization
    MATH 4200 Mathematical Statistics I
  • MATH 4210 Mathematical Statistics II
  • MATH 4250 Introduction to Statistical Methods in Learning and Modeling

Elective Requirements

Choose two courses from the following list and two additional courses in mathematics, statistics or computer science numbered above 4000:

There are no related area requirements. 

Computer Science majors who would like to pursue the B.S. in Mathematics (Emphasis in Data Science) are not required to take MATH 2020 and must:

    1. complete all courses in the core requirements, except for MATH 4100 and may substitute MATH 3000 for MATH 3250
    2. complete all courses in the specialized requirements and one from elective requirements.