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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements  - 2+3 Program CS

Undergraduate majors can apply for provisional admission to this program if:

  1. They have completed at least 60 credit hours of coursework (including transfers) and are at least 30 hours away from finishing the BS degree.
  2. Their overall GPA is 3.0 or higher.
  3. If a student is from a different major, the student must change his/her major to Computer Science or Computing Technology.

Upon acceptance to the program in the provisional status, the student continues to work toward his/her undergraduate degree in computer science. This coursework will not count toward the graduate MS program, however the student can take up to six 4xxx-level credit hours to also count toward the MS by using the C1 graduate form.

After completion of a minimum of 90 hours and no more than 30 hours away from the integrated BS/MS degree, a provisionally admitted student applies for formal admission to the graduate program.  At this point, the student must meet the entry requirements for admission to the M.S. degree in Computer Science, and after that point courses taken can count toward both the BS and also the MS program.