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Rise Up for St. Louis is a call to action to join the University of Missouri–St. Louis in collaborating to elevate our region—to remove the barriers that inhibit change. To truly, directly and intentionally engage all of our communities in building inclusive prosperity and growth throughout the region. Because, at UMSL, we know with absolute certainty that if we come together, work together and build together, our region will become not just the very best of what it can be, but the very one that our future generations seek and deserve.

Featured content by UMSL Chancellor Kristin Sobolik

Enhancing St. Louis’ workforce starts with affordable access to a quality education
At UMSL, nearly half of all undergraduate students are Pell-Grant eligible or have excessive financial need as defined by their expected family contribution. This financial need often inhibits their ability to earn a college degree. But, what we know is that financial need does not define academic potential.

Demonstrating an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion
INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine named UMSL one of 101 recipients of its prestigious 2021 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award. This marks the fifth time overall that UMSL has received the honor. It’s also worth noting that UMSL was the only university in Missouri to be included in this year’s list of awardees.


Mapping the way to innovative, effective and equitable policy
Geospatial information can lead policy makers to enact new policies that save lives, impact the region for the better and result in a broader, more equitable and balanced constituency. UMSL’s goal for the Geospatial Collaborative is to help our partners move their data from story to action to real-world impact.


Community college connection - streamlining the transfer process
Students from all backgrounds in the St. Louis region – as well as our region’s workforce – benefit greatly from strong articulation agreements between community colleges and four-year public universities. Above all, it makes financial sense to streamline the transfer process.


Supporting veteran students helps make a strong St. Louis workforce
With veterans making up over 9% of Missouri’s adult population, helping those men and women transitioning out of the military is essential to ensuring a strong workforce in St. Louis and beyond – and earning a college degree can be a crucial step for them as they move into the next phases of their lives.


Inspiring a new generation of scientists
Participation in scientific research can help young people learn problem-solving and analytical and quantitative skills. It can show them how to pay attention to details, how to improve their verbal and written communication skills and how to work in teams. It can also expose them to areas of study and career opportunities they never considered before.


Developing pathways to an educated, diverse workforce for St. Louis
As one of the most diverse universities in the state, the University of Missouri–St. Louis is committed to building an inclusive academic community, one where equity is reality and the opportunity to transform lives through higher education is accessible to all.


Degrees for the Future: Meeting the workforce needs of St. Louis
UMSL is proud to be a leader in workforce development to raise up the St. Louis region. We are successful in helping students launch and advance in their careers in St. Louis because we are constantly reviewing and adapting our academic offerings to respond to industry and workforce needs.


UMSL champions for community change with intensified initiatives
The University of Missouri–St. Louis elevates the St. Louis region and beyond in countless ways. More than 80% of UMSL students come from the region and a vast majority remain here to live, work and drive positive change in our community each and every day.