Creating a campus culture that prioritizes student success

UMSL’s fundamental purpose is to educate and graduate diverse students as they seek different and better lives. To accomplish our purpose, every member of the UMSL community must actively engage in student success.

The Student Success Task Force was established with an expectation for UMSL to be a student-centric university at all levels and to communicate the role that each and every employee brings to student success.

This culture — a culture that prioritizes student success — is a foundational principle on which we operate as a university. And, it's a culture that starts with you.

  • Every faculty and staff member brings the skills, knowledge and tools with them to work everyday to contribute to student success.
  • We can all create opportunities that not only allow us to be nimble in our response to student needs, but to act with urgency in our contributions to the student experience.
  • We all share ownership in student success and we can all be change-agents for our students.

By creating a student-ready UMSL, we can all contribute to the recruitment and retention of our students — helping provide access to a quality education and a community of support to ensure their success.