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Undergraduate Pre-professional Programs

Preprofessional Graduation
The Department of Biology sponsors a 3+4 Program for the UM-St. Louis College of Optometry.

In this program students may be admitted to the College of Optometry after completing three years (90 semester hours) of study in the Department of Biology. The undergraduate degree is granted when students satisfactorily complete the first year of optometry school. One or more of the following conditions must be met in order to qualify for the undergraduate degree.

All general education requirements and all requirements for the major, except electives, must be completed.

Any deficiency in required courses must be remedied with courses taken at UM-St. Louis within three years after entering the College of Optometry.

Up to 6 hours from the College of Optometry may be substituted for undergraduate degree requirements, with approval of the Department of Biology.

UMSL – Logan University (3+3 program)
The Biology Department has developed a 3+3 articulation agreement with Logan University. This program enables qualified students the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology for the University of Missouri – St. Louis as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic for Logan University in six years.

• The program is only open to students who enter UMSL as first-time freshmen
• Participants must complete their first 90 hours of college work (3 years) at UMSL following a prescribed curriculum.
• Participants who have achieved at least 3.25 GPA at UMSL will automatically be granted admission by Logan University
• After successfully completing an additional 30 credit hours (4 th year) at Logan, a student will receive a BS in Biology degree from UMSL.
• After completing two additional years at Logan, the student will receive a doctorate in chiropractic
• The acceptance of transfer credits or testing toward completion of degree requirements shall be governed by current policies of UMSL. However, no more than 20 credits of required courses, and NONE of the science credits required for admission to Logan may be earned via examination or transfer from another school
• Logan shall accept, for the entrance date of their choice, all students who successfully complete the Pre-Chiropractic Program with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher and meet all other criteria for admission
• Students who earn less than a 3.25 GPA, but at least a 2.50 GPA, will be eligible for admission to Logan, and will receive appropriate consideration in the admission process for having completed the UMSL Pre-Chiropractic Program, but will not receive the assurance of a seat reserved for students earning a 3.25 or higher GPA
• Students will make application to Logan one year in advance of their desired entrance date and will complete all required application procedures thereafter in a timely manner, including submission of recommendation and a satisfactory interview.

This program offers benefits to students (six years instead of seven from high school to doctorate). The University of Missouri courses are listed below:

General Education Requirements (33):
Humanities (9)
Social Sciences (One course must be a Psychology) (9)
American History & Government (3)

Choose (3):
Statistics 1310 – Elementary Statistical Methods; or
Statistics 1320 – Applied Statistics I or
Biology 4122 – Biometry
Communication 1040 – Introduction to Public Speaking (3)
English 1100 – Freshman Composition (3)
English 3160 – Writing in the Sciences (3)

Major (58):

Foundation courses
Biology 1821 – Introductory Biology: Organisms and the Environment (5)
Biology 1831 – Introductory Biology: From Molecules to Organisms (5) 
Biology 2012 – Genetics (3)
Biology 2482 – Microbiology (3)
Biology 3622 – Cell Biology (3)
Biology 3302 – Introduction to Evolution (3)
Biology 4712 – Biochemistry (3)
Biology 4889 – Senior Seminar (2)
Biology 4905 – Research (3)
Physics 1011 – Basic Physics (4)
Physics 1012 – Basic Physics (4)
Chemistry 1111 – Introductory Chemistry I (3)
Chemistry 1121 – Introductory Chemistry II (5)
Chemistry 2612 – Organic Chemistry I (3)
Chemistry 2622 – Organic Chemistry II (3)
Chemistry 2633 – Organic Chemistry Laboratory (2)
Philosophy 2256 – Bioethics (3)
Mathematics 1030 – College Algebra (3)
Mathematics 1035 – Trigonometry (2)

Choose (3-5):
Mathematics 1100 – Basic Calculus (3); or
Mathematics 1080 – Analytical Geometry &
Calculus I (5)

The remaining 30 hours to be taken at Logan include:

Transfer Credits (34):
Anatomy I / Lab (6)
Spinal Anatomy / Lab (5)
Biochemistry I / Lab (4)
Histology / Cell Biology / Lab (5)
Anatomy II / Lab (6)
Neuroanatomy / Lab (5)
Biochemistry II (4)
Physiology I (4)
Microbiology / Lab (4)