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This will take you to the page with all the links and materials for this course except for quizzes and tests which will be accessed through CANVAS
This will take you to the page with all the links and materials for this course except for quizzes and tests which will be accessed through CANVAS
 Geog 2002: The Natural World Materials Page
This will take you to the page with all the links and materials for this course except for quizzes and tests which will be accessed through CANVAS

This will take you to the page with all the links and materials for this course except for quizzes and tests which will be accessed through CANVAS
NEW PAGE: The World As It Aught To Be: Focusing On What's Good
  New Pages - Important Topic: Global Warming Page  
Our Beautiful, Fragile World
A World Endangered -- Your future depends on understanding this topic.
Atlases and Maps Page (NEW)
New Section in the Ecology and Life Systems page
Practical "Green" Living: What Individuals Can Do
NASA IMAGES OF CHANGE - See changes in the earth over periods of time

Books written by or edited by Joe Naumann : They can be downloaded on this page.
NEW & REFORMATED PAGES New Bonus Point Project: UN World Heritage Site PowerPoint - check it out.
Highlighted PowerPoints:
Chile: 2010

Haiti: 2010 Quake

If the World Were a Village
China - Ethnic Minorities
New  - Spain Page
New India Page
Non-Course Related Pages (subject to rennovation) QUICK REFERENCE LINKSMaking the World a Better Place
REQUIRED READINGS and Climate Change Powerpoint and module (IN ADDITION TO THE TEXTBOOK) My Professional & Personal Background &Information about Education and Teaching Empathy: The Key to A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace
Syllabi and Study Guides & Online Testing Center Info.
(Geog 1001, 1002, 2001)
Recommended Books & Ponderings
Equity and Assessment:  Moving Towards Culturally Responsive Assessment
Geography 1001: Introduction to Geography Page YOU ARE SPECIAL -- (open this page)
Traditional Teaching May Deepen
Inequality. Can a Different Approach Fix It?
Geography 1002 - World Regions Page (3D copies of some Powerpoint presentations are now available.) Check it Out!!! - Expanded Study Helps Page - General Study & Geographic Study

Click on the titles below to go to some really interesting geographic or geography-related web sites.Encyclical on Global Warming by Poipe Francis

Geography 2001: Cultural Geography
Revised: May 2016 - Construction will be an on-going process.

How to Make the World a Better Place

Foundations of Geographic Thought and Expression Get Today's News From All Around the World - Fantastic Site!

10 Simple Ways to Make the World a Better Place

Landforms, Landforming Processes, & Water Features Page (Geog 1001)

Always Under Construction

Pages From the Old Web Site that still might be accessed
U.S.A. Census Data by Zip Code

Holy Land Geography PLUS
(Geog 1001, 1002, 2001)
Professional Geography Articles Page U.S. Geological Survey
Major Religions
(Geog 1001, 1002, 2001)

Life in Iran before the 1971 Revolution
Life in Iran after the Revolution

Wonders of the World Page

Geog Course Articles and Papers, Study Helps U.S. National Weather Service
Glossaries Page (helpful for studying)
(Geog 1001, 1002, 2001)
Original Trip Page

How to Make the World a Better Place (Psychology Today)

Weather & Climate
(Geog 1001)

Select a review quiz
C.I.A. World Fact Book
Continents, Culture Realms, Regions & Countries Directory
(Geog 1002 & 2001)

Education & Geography Links & Topics

United Nations
World Time Zone Map Government Sources of Geographic Information European Union at a Glance
Human Geography Topics
Political, Economic, Historical, Urban Geog.
Links Recommended by Students (New) World Bank
(Discussed in Geog 1001, 1002, 2001)
Three New Countries (proposed in 2002)? International Monetary Fund
Resources and the Environment Page
The Smallest Country in the world Globalization 101.org
Agriculture, Food, & Hunger Page
Quotations to Ponder Page (New Page) Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Ecology & Life Systems

BBC News: Coountry Profiles
Encouragement Page
Source of FREE textbooks - Check the section on Student Success - several useful books. Check the logo above to access the site.

Globalization Guide.Org
Terrorism Study Page
Open Directory Project
Festivals Page (Cultural Topic)
Geography Dictionary Online
Architecture Page

Study Aid - Homework Helper
Geographic Animations & Videos
(Newly Reworked - all the PowerPoint videos are here)

How to Study for Geography
Geographic Reference Sources: Statistics & Data Bases

Babelgum.com - some great videos

Geographic Topic Modules Page

Footnotes to History - Fantastic Historical Geography

The Environment and Pope Francis   NEW PAGE

Best of the Web - Geography

Atlases and Maps Page (NEW)

National Geographic Natural Disasters Page
Check on Bonus Point Opportunities
Atlapedia - Information about countries and maps

Climate Change Page  (NEW)

Country Reports - fantastic resources - join for full access $18 per year

Cities - Urban Geography     (NEW)

WORLD CLOCK -- Much more than time - fantastic information is available here.
Dealing With Disasters   (New)

World Wide School (Many pre-1950 books from many fields can be accessed and read)
Econ 3055 - Economics Issues for the School Curriculum - Geography Topics

World Geography for Kids -- Don't let ":Kids" cause you to avoid this site - there's a lot of good basic information there. NEW SITE

Culture and Cultural Geography Page (NEW)

Some Special Pages or PowerPoints
Books written by or edited by Joe Naumann
Check on Bonus Point Opportunities FAIR USE: Technology in Education
Computer Help & Free Software Page
Directions & Map Page (NEW)
Health, Wellness & Study Tips Web Page Design  Help Focus on Teaching & Technology Conference Check Out St. Louis (New)
Great Photograpy Page (Geographic and Non-Geographic) (NEW)
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Great PowerPoint: Learn how to use Google more effectively.

Effective Googling

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The Natural World  - The Wonder and Beauty of Creation, Particularly the Life on Earth Study Helps Page
See Huge Arizona Sandstorm (video)
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10 Worst Natural Disasters in U.S. History (PPT)

Fantastic Bio-Painting:  When you place the cursor over a person, his/her name appears.  When you double click, you are given biographical infornmation from Wikipedia or some other web site. There are dozens of people in the painting from all parts of the world and from all times.-
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