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I have selected a number of web sites where you can download great software for free.  Most programs are fully functional; whereas a few might only have limited functions in the free version.  If the functions are limited, the ones available in the free version are worth having.  If you click on the hyperlinks below, you will be taken to a web page where you should be able to download the software or you should be able to select what you want to download and navigate to that page without difficulty.  If a link ceases to function, let me know and I will try to fix it or remove that choice.  Contact me at    CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO THE MAIN PAGE

AVG Anti-virus is an excellent program that you can download for free and it will update the definitions regularly without cost.  Click HereWindows Office Download Page -- there are many things you can download here such as the compatibility pack that allows Office 97-2003 Suites to open the new Office 2007 documents.  It really works -- I've tried it.  Click Here. Coffee Cup Software -- this company offers some good free software -- around a half dozen different programs. I've used some of their programs.  Click Hrere.OpenOffice.Org --  This is a great Microsoft Office compatible suite.  You can open some file formats that MS Office won't open -- then you can convert them to MS Office if you need that format.  Click Here. Avery (the label people) -- Free programs and templates for MS Office.  Click Here.
Google Pack -- You may select all or just some of the great free programs – it includes StarOffice Suite. Click Here. Registry Mechanic -- limited functions on the free version but worth having.  Click Here.Registry Fix - A very highly rated freeware version. Click Here.Page Breeze - A nice web page (HTML) Editoir
Click Here.
Free Time Zone Calculator
To download, click here
KompoZer Web Page Editor -- It is easy to use and free - most of the pages in this site were made with it.Click Here
Open Office Portable Suite
-- you can run the whole office suite from a flash/thumb drive and it's Microsoft Office compatible (97-2003)
Click Here
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