Dealing With Disasters
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Everywhere on Earth some kind of disaster could occur. The links and materials below may be useful tor preparing for the possibility of a disaster and for dealing with the results after a disaster. Most are natural occurrances, however some may result from or be exaggerated by human actions. Special Note: most homeowner insurance policies do not cover floods or earthquakes. If you live in an area where these are possible, you need to pay for an extra addition to your insurance to cover these possibilities. Talk with your inurance company representative.

Non-Specific, General Preparation Sites and Materials
Preparing for Disasters in Your Home: What to Buy, What to SkipEmergency Preparedness and PetsImportant Legal Documents for Disaster PreparednessEmergency Preparedness for SeniorsHow to Organize and Prepare for Disasters

Avoiding Bad Weather When Traveling

Teach Emergency Preparedness in the Classroom

Earthquake Safety


Tornado: Be PreparedPrepare for a Tsunami
Earthquake PreparednessHurricane Safety TipsTornado SafetyTsunami Preparedness
Practical Action - EarthquakesHow to Prepare for a Hurricane (PDF)How to Prepare for a TornadoHow to Prepare for a Tsunami
Earthquake Safety at HomeHow to Prepare for a Hurricane - illustratedWhat to do After the Tornado
Missouri Earthquake Preparedness

FloodsVolcanic EruptionsNuclear Radiation ReleasesThunder Storms
Flood PreparednessBefore an Eruption


Homeowners Guide to Lightning Safety
Preparing for FloodsPreparing for an EruptionNuclear Blast ReadyThunderstorms and Lightning Ready
Flood Safety TipsPrepare for an Eruption6 Critical Steps to Survive a Nuclear DisasterSevere Thunderstorm Preparation and Response
What to do if there is a flood  (PDF)Nuclear Disaster Preparedness3 Ways to Prepare for a Thunderstorm

Forest Fires, etc.
3 Ways to Prepare for a Forest FirePreparing for WildfirePre-Evacuation PreparationReady for Wildfire: HomeBefore, During and After a Wildfire (PDF)