Geography 1001: Introduction to Geography    
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Introduction Topics Pages - You can find much more information here
Foundations of Geographic Thought and Expression Major Religions Human Geography Topics Human Geography Topics
Landforms, Landforming Processes, & Water Features Page Human Geography Topics Agriculture, Food, & Hunger Page Globalization
Weather & Climate Holy Land Geography PLUS Resources and the Environment Page

Ecology & Life Systems

Special Link Pages
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Festivals Page (Cultural)
Local and Global Map Resources All About Water - Water Properties and Measurement
Introduction to Geography and Miscellaneous Materials.
Introcuction to World Regions Aging Europe is Unprepared Corn Disrupts Catepillar's Digestion to Protect Itself A whole new world along the US-Mexican Border
Regional Geography Americans Head West and Southeast Every Crop Needs its Wild Relatives Cold War Timeline
Transportation in Developing Countries Demographic Terms Farming Fish for the Future Containment joint defense organizations
European Union Agenda Global Change 3 - Population Basics Food Prices Set to Surge 50 Percent Within Five Years Islamic Fundamentalism
European Union - Economy, Society, & Polity Global Change 4 - Human Populations Global Change 101 - Human Appropriation of the World Japan Rocks China with Island Plan
Global warming mixed results Models of Demographic Transition Genetically Modified (GM) Crops - Pro and Con Myanmar monasteries raided as World Pleads for Calm
Global warming will bring stronger storms Population Equation Balancing What We Have With What We Need More Ethanoil Means More Corn & More Water Pollution The Day Burma Was Silenced
Antarctic icebergs may help soak up greenhouse gases Russia - Demographic troubles Gene-Altered Profit KillerSa  US support for Israel - History
Climate change pulls warm water fish north Russia - Population Shrinking Angling for a Better Way to Farm Fish Why do They Hate US
Climate change pulls warm water fish north Senior Moment - the Rise of the Alpha Geezer As Sustainable Farming Takes Root Yangon Bloggers Outsmart Myanmar Censors - Protests 9-7-07
Global Warming - the minority view The Deomgraphic Transition 4th World Water Forum Bulletin 2006 Former Yugoslavia Map
global change 23 The Greenhouse Effect and the Ecological Consequences The Earliest Migration CANTS save the Forests Kosovo Primer
Global warming effects on glaciers U.N. Study Projects World Population Will to 9 Billion Carnahan Asks Clinton to Derail Plans to Alter Summer Flow of Missouri River Kosovo Timeline
Global warming is a problem that is not going to be solved easily Why Population Matters to Natural Resources China Plans Vast Water Diversion Bosnian Genocide
Global Warming the Predictions and the Actuality overhead Acidic Fatwa - Persecution of Hindus in Kashmir Global Change 11 - Case Studies - Land Use Change Fuel Prices Questions Answered
High arctic ponds are drying out Advice from an Old Middle East Hand Global Change 14 - Notes on Fisheries Generic Post Colonial Economic Patterns
Iceberg breaks loose in the Antarctic Apache Seasons Global Change 15 - Notes on Dammed Rivers Global Change 28 - Achievingn Sustainable Development
Pacific nations stress vulnerability of small island States during UN debate Attitudes and Beliefs Global Change 9 - Human Appropriation of the World Income Spread (gap) Among Countries
Pollution Adds To Global Warming Changing spaces Is Recycling Worthwhile Industrial Revolution
The Big Thaw - glaciers melting rapidly Cuisine Land Use and Precaution Interdependence Illustrated at a Local Level
The crisis of the global climate Cultural Gaffs Oil - Origination of Oil Problems
This was world's warmest recorded winter - climate change Cultural Geography Defined and Supported Putin's Grasp on Energy Drives the Russian Agernda Report - U.S. Workes are the Most Productive
Transportation and Climate By The Numbers Culture and Cultural Geography Rain Forest Plant Fights Tuberculosis Very Richest's Share of Income Grew Even Bigger
Arctic Sea Ice Shatters Record Low Low and High Tech Resource Wars -- Can We Survive Them? Europe on the Brink of a Currency Crisis (Oct 08)
Beyond Carbon - Scientists Worry About Nitrogen's Effects Man, the Chooser Strange Eruptions of Natural Gas Globalization of Diseases
Greenland Icesheet Could Melt Faster Morphology of Culture Regions The Heart of the Energy Crisis Men Take Moscow Audience Hostage
For the first time in human history Some Approaches to Cultural Geography Trash as Urban Ore Overhead Realms and Regions
Alaska - climate-change frontier Techno-Environmental World Energy Consumption Globalization
Temperature rises will be double the safe limit for global warming The Threat of Modernity to Religion Culture and Government 122 Countries Agree to GBan 12 Highly Toxic Chemicals Outline Europe 1- Supranationalism and Devolution
Metamorphic Rocks Traditional Problems in Niger Africa - Waste Headed for 3rd World Bin Small Business Resource Center (web site)
Minor Topographical forms in Mountain Westerners and Easterners see the World Differently Area (STL) #8 in pollution deaths
Missing Lake in Chile Possibly an Earthquake Drained It Living in a Mullticultural Society Carbon Dioxide Reduction
Mudslide Traps Campers in Southern California A Glimpse into the Orthodox Jewish Lifestyle China Contributes to U.S. Air Pollution
Plate Interactions About Easter and Calendars China Dam Has Ignited Opposition
Plate Tectonics Buddhism from BuddhaNet Cities Highly Vulnerable to Sea Level Rising
Quake knocks out power across Hawaii Buddhism Global Decline in Amphibians
Quake knocks out power across Hawaii - 2 Christianity Hybrids' Rising Sun
Quake Lifts Solomons Island Meteres from the Sea Culture, Religion, and Regression - Hinduism Invasion of Asian Carp Worries State Officials
Quake Study sees Possible Fault with New Madrid's Calm Surface Excerpt from Applied Linguistics - a Science of Culture New Study Finds Global Efforts to Reduce Pollution in the Arctic May be Working
Reflections on Physical Geography Haj Glossary Polar Bears Walking on Thin Ice
Sea Floor Spreading Haj Guide Scientists Track Dioxin from U.S. Smokestacks to Remote Arctic Villages
Sea Floor Spreading - 2 Has Religion Helped the Human Species Survive? Pollution & St. Louis Air Quality
Sedimentary Rocks Hinduism - 2 Upper Mississippi Flooding
We Must Stop Building Levies Hinduism Voracious Kudzu
Stages of Evolution of Karst Topography Idioms and Idiomatic Language Vulnerable River Basins
Subduction - 1 Influence of Religion in Mass Culture What is the Environmental Impact of the US Consumer's Habits?
Subduction - 2 Introduciton to Sacred Places of Japan Wild Fires
Subduction and Convergent Margains Introduction to Sacred Places of India Gulf Dead Zone
Surprise Tremor in Calafornia's Napa Valley Islam Paradise Lost - Endangered Species - Hawaii
The Glacier Story Islam 2 Consumer Safety - Beware Recalled Products
The layers of the Crust Judaism from Judaism 101 Forests in Peril
The Layers of the Earth Judaism 10 Most Polluted Cities in the USA
The Rock Cycle Judaism 2 Aerotropolis - New City Form
The Theory of Continental Drift Monkeys Terrorize Government Workers in India Cities Highly Vulnerable to Sea Level Rising
Transform Margins On Language and Culture Future Suture? Merging the City and County is Easier Said than Done
Types of Plate Motion Oral Religions Global Change 16 - The Urban & Industrial Environment - Atmosphere
Volcanic and Geologic Terms Religion (survey booklet) Global Change 17 - The Urban & Industrial Environment - Hydrosphere
Volcanism and Intrusion Religion Global Change 18 - Notes on Drinking Water
Weathering Religious Freedom Life in Suburbia Costs More than You'd Think
What is a Mudslide Sacred Mountains of China Mass Transit Can Work
The Power of Water - Texas Canyon Revealed Sacred Sites of Bali Micropolitan and Metropolitan Areas of the USA
Giant Crystal Cave Sacred Sites of Morocco NASA Satellites Watch the World's Cities Grow
Levels of the Rainforest Sacred Sites of the Dogon in Mali Revolting High Rises
Wall of volcanic mud swamps Philippine hamlets Sikhism & the Golden Temple The Tourist City - Urban Geography
24 Inch Rainfall Causes Floods in the Alps The Caste System of India UN - Half the World Soon to be in Cities
2006 Storms Special Report The Cult of Maximoin Urbanization an Environmental Force to be Reckoned With
Flood in India The Day of the Dead - Mexican Migrants Return Home after Death Toronto - a Model for St. Louis?
Floods create humanitarian disaster in Kenya The Haj quick tour

Severe Storm Hits Europe The Major Religions of the World

Lake effect snow around the great lakes The Religious War on Bottled Water

Snow squalls bury upstate New York - lake effect snow The Widening Gyre - Religion, Culture and Evolution

Storms kill at least 6 people, disrupt travel, flood villages Zoroastrianism

Global Climate


Brutal Cold Slows Life in Alaska

Climate Change Information Sheet 1


Koppen-Gieger climate classification definitions

Monsoon floods in India and Bangladesh

Physical Geography - Climate

Why Climates May Have Changed From Ancient Times

World Climate and Vegetation Zones (revised)

Colder north america and northern europe may result from gulf stream shutdown

A Short Intro to Terrestrial Biomes

Biodiversity & the 4 Laws of Ecology

Carbon Dioxide Reduction

China Warns of Catastrophe from Three Gorges Dam

Claim of Nonhuman-induced Gloobal Warming

Cotton Farmers Sue Monsanto over GM Failure

Ecology and Social Action (Barry Commoner)

Ecology Topics

Environmental Defense - 5 Goals Evaluated

Exploring a Woodlot's Ecosystem

Fewer Boy Babies Being Born

Forests Help Ensure Clean Water in Cities

Fragilel Desert Landscape is no Match for Careless Intruders

Global Change 1 - Notes on Human Development

Global Change - 2 The Ecological Crisis of the 21st Centuiry

Global Change 23 - The Greenhouse Effect

Global Change 25 - Threats to Biodiversity

Global Estimate of Endangered Plant Species

Mad Cow Disease Alert

Mudslides and Logging

Multiple Threats to Ecosystems

Perhaps No U.S. Streams are Unpolluted

Plant Species From Rain Forest Fights Tuberculosis

Pollution Impacts on Children

Propitiation (4 laws of ecology)

Scientific American - Phytoplankton

Soil Biological Communities

Special Waste & Pollution Report

Tamarisk (salt cedar) Invasive Exotic Plant

The Crisis of the Global Climate

The Human in the Earth System

The need for Environmental Literacy

The Sixth Extinction

The Southeastern Mediterranean Ecosystem Revisited

The Spreading Matrix of Ecological Trouble

Three Articles About the Aswan high Dam

Top 10 Polluted Places

Top 25 Science Questions

University of Newcastle Gratuate Speech (4 laws of ecology)

Voracious Kudzu

Why I am an Environmentalist

Can this Muck Save the Planet - Wetlands

Shades of Green - Ecoburials

Amazon Forest Destruction Jumps in Brazil

Global Change 26 - Pollution Control