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Special Note:  These presentations are included here to help my students better understand some geographic concepts.  If I have included a presentation you have made and do not wish to have shared, please notify me at, and I will  have it removed.
Weather PPTClimate & Climate Change PPTGlobal Warming PPT
Earth-Sun Relations & Astronomy
Problems related to climate and/or weather
Second Blizzard Hits Mid-Atlantic
Four Seasons
Effects of Global Warming
The Solar System and PlanetsDam Break & Flash Flood in Iowa 7-24-2010
Americas Blizzards
(A) Tropical Koppen Climate Classification
Insolation and TemperatureTOO, TOO, TOO MUCH SNOW !!
Bitterly Cold and Snowy February 2007
climate & climate change
SOS Save the Planet
The Earth in SpaceWinter - too much snow
European Storms mid January 2007
Climate change presentation-1
Global Warming in Alaska
Massive Solar Storm Causes Aurora Lights in United States & Canada
winter at St. Joseph's Indian school SD
Hurricane Ike 2008
How to make a climograph
Climate Change: An Examination
Atmospheric Color – Atmospheric Moisture Plus Light
10 Worst Natural Disasters in U.S. History (PPT)
Nature Lightning
Climate Family Climographs
The Greenhouse Effect Explained
Psychedelic wonder of galaxies at night

Map and Climate Basics
10 Natural Wonders to See Before They Disappear

The GreatU.S.A Hurricane Katrina
Climate Classification: Koppen (NEW)
Cities Vulnerable to Sea Level Rising

Britain & Europe Face More Rain and Snow 2010
The Beauty of Spring

Morning Glory Cloud Formation
The Beauty of Summer

Cyclone (hurricane –typhoon) Sailing
The Colors of Fall

Wet Monsoon on the subcontinent
The Wonderful Whiteness of Winter

Awesome Lightning
Climate and Climate Types

Climate and Weather
Insect attacks among threat to US forests, worsened by drought, climate change (docx)

Freezing Rain-Ice Storms

Tornado - Joplin MO May 22, 2011

Relationship With Vegetation - Biomes
The Rain Forest

Articles and Print Materials
Global Warming
24 Inch Rainfall Causes Floods in the Alps Global Climate
Colder north america and northern europe may result from gulf stream shutdown
2006 Storms Special Report KOPPEN SYSTEM
Leaking Siberian ice raises a tricky climate issue
Flood in India Brutal Cold Slows Life in Alaska
Floods create humanitarian disaster in Kenya Climate Change Information Sheet 1
Severe Storm Hits Europe Drought
Lake effect snow around the great lakes Koppen-Gieger climate classification definitions
Snow squalls bury upstate New York - lake effect snow Monsoon floods in India and Bangladesh
Storms kill at least 6 people, disrupt travel, flood villages Physical Geography - Climate
A Brief History of Snow
Why Climates May Have Changed From Ancient Times

World Climate and Vegetation Zones (revised)

Web Links
Global Warmning
Tornados - Nature's Most Violent Storms U.S. Climate Data (Great Site)

Tornado Basics
World Climate - good explanation of Koppenn Climate System

Tornado Climatology

Detecting Tornados

Forecastring Tornados

Tornado damages and Impacts

Links to More Tornado Sites

Become a Storm Spotter from Home (thank you Jacob)
Video Clips
Global Warming
See Huge Arizona Sandstorm (video)