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Note:  The materials presented on this page have been selected because they seemed interesting and worth thinking about.  I am not claiming to endorse all the ideas presented, but I consideer them worthy of examination. I am assuming that university students are capable of independen thinking, discerning, and drawing valid conclusions.
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25 Pictures Of The Human Race That Are Simply Stunning10 things you don't do with the queen of the UKAbout the Mayans10 women trailblazers you may not have heard ofArchitectural Wonders Of The Ancient World
An Uncontacted Amazon Tribe That Doesn’t Know Our Civilization ExistsElizabeth's 90 B-day25 Pictures of the Human Race that are stunningFlorence, Italy
Beautiful Stained Glass Windows
beautiful women around the worldBeautiful Women Around the World 2Lapland, FinlandBritish royals dance their butts offChild labor circa 1900
Discover the Wonders of Cambodia's Angkor!ELVETIA  old architectureExtreme ways kids in other countries get to schoolGenocides In Human HistoryGIANT ANCIENT UNDERGROUND CITY FOUND THAT MAY BE
God's Chosen PeopleGreat ThoughtsHandsome Men Around the WorldHere Are some Absurd Signs That People Actually DisplayedHomemade Limousines
I Photographed People In VietnamI Volunteered For 6 Weeks In Sri Lankaguatemala through the eyes of a 13 year old
Interesting Facts You May Have Not Known About Easter Island'Life for More than Half of the People of the World
Lions in Chinese Traditional ArchitectureGuy Turns 700 Year Old Abandoned Cave Dwelling
Mysterious Machu PicchuNative AmericansNew Zealand’s Largest Gang Will Make You Tremble
North Korea – What they don’t want usHow Rich Is Queen Elizabeth and the Rest
Points to Ponder!Immigrants are moving to these US cities
Quotes by Inspirational Women
Rare photos show life inside North Korea's top-secretRespect for Womenskara brae orkney islands scotlandSome Traditional Wedding Outfits Around The Worldsoviet realism
Temples of Angkor Wat and ThomThe 300,000-Year-Old Bones Found In This Mine Shakehungarian christmas
The CircusThe Colorful Diversity Of People
The Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees EverLaws People Had To Live By In Ancient Rome
the Worlds Most Fascinating International BordersThings Americans Are Surprised About European CultureThings I Found Weird As An International Student
Villages Around the WorldWedding Attire around the worldMexico culture
What The Perfect Body Looks Like In Different CountriesWho I Am Makes A Difference
Wonderful Hindu Temples abroadYawalapiti Tribe from Brazil (NUBIA) Male ideal body in different culturesNew Orleans in Penny PostcardBEFORE CHAINSAWS
Bordeaux, FranceBurmaCasablanca New York – Then and nowSpanish Royal State Visit (2)
CULTURE TRAITS THAT TEND TO  PERSISTCulture TraitsDevelopment of Humanity and CultureReligious ElementsEVIDENCE OF CULTURE CHANGE
10 Ancient Hunting Techniques Still In UseAmazing Wood Art By Alexander Penteshin
Less Known Facts About the Development of christian Belief and Practice
Religion is a major factor in most cultures, so check out the:
Major Religions Page
12 Unusual Foods Your Grandparents Loved
10 things you don't do with the queen of the UKArtist and Africabecoming humanAbout The Amish10 Medicines Used in 0001 C.E.
A Mother in All Colors!2Indian Culture Handicraft 1Land where humans first evolved 'Kumari KandamInspirational Quotes From Dalai Lama On How To Live a Good Lifebookmobile history
Bac Ha Sunday Market Vietnam Egyptian Artifacts of the Cairo MuseumLong-Lost CulturesMaha Shivratri festival in IndiaAmazon Warriors turned Eco-Activists
China’s rice terraces — The most beautifulExplorers Find Ancient Native American Treasure Deep inLooking Back on ChangePalm SundayChange – 1950 to 2017
Taboo Rituals Still Performed TodayGood Son - Loving Caring!Paris in the 1920sPope Francis Building Bridgesschristmas ads from long ago
Six tribes that have avoided contact with the outsideShocking Facts About Plastics in Our OceansPhotographer Uncovers 700-Year-Old Medieval DwellingsThe Basics of Buddhismcontainer house 2
Funny Thanksgiving Family Photos and menusSayings of Mahatma Gandhi the World's Many Sacred PlacesCulture Change Illustrated by Wedding Photos  since 1800
India - Scenes from a WeddingSiddharthaWhat Makes Someone a Christian 2Extremely Unnerving Vintage Ads
The Problem of Superstitions in Some CulturesSurprising Facts About The Early Humans and EvolutionSacred Places - 9 Brilliant Pilgrimages - CopyGlobalization – Yes BUT not totally
Indian Families Reflect the Great Diversity of IndiaThese Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire LifeSaint festival shows Orthodox strength in Romania - CopyHere's What Weddings Looked Like
PARADE OF BOATS IN AMSTERDAMTraditions Of Ancient GreeceHoly Week Observances Around The WorldHigh Quality Photos of WWII – the home
Reindeer herding in Russia's ArcticJudaism - ultraorthodox weddingHistoric Moments in the Past 200 Years
Carnival in VeniceSULTAN OMAR ALI SAIFUDDIN MOSQUE IN bRUNIHomes In-ground or Underground Absolutely Stunning
Indigenous People – Threatened SpeciesDelightful Amish ProverbsHygiene Practices From The Past Are So Gross
Rio carnivalImpressive Tiny Houses
Sea_Gypsies_AndrewCulture Change Illustrated by Wedding Photos  since 1800
Living small
Looking Back – 1st Half of the 20th
Man builds low-cost tiny home with recycled materials
Man Builds Tiny Log Cabin for $500
Offices 100 Years Ago and Today
Subculture Change Example
Tiny Home Movement
Traditional Marriage
USA in the early 20th century
What Immigrant Life Looked Like In Early 20th
obvious signs that show humanity is regressing
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Prehistoric and Early HistoryMore Related to Current ConditionsLanguage & Religion
10 Recent Archaeological Finds That Rewrite History10 Unraveled Secrets Of The Mayan Civilization4 Maps That Explain Iran10 Misconceptions About Separation Of Church And State In The USLanguages Are Products of Their Environments
Ancient structures found in cave could not have been made by modern manConoce a Akhenatón92 percent of World population breathes toxic air100-year-old couple on being married for 78 years 5 things to know about Hanukkah
finding CahokiaHow many major races are there in the worldA good assessment of India's pluralism by an Arab gentle manA Is For Arab10 Common Misconceptions About Hinduism
Iowa farmers ripped out prairieLaying Bare the Bones of Ancient Maya SocietyA little-known Pakistani tribe that loves wine and whiskey fears its Muslim neighborsAs Japan's population shrinksA step by step description of the Hajj
Mysterious archaic humans left clues in a surprising placeMystery of Nazcableach bottle lightsChina’s New Silk Road May Be A Game-Changer For PakistanDealing With The Six Words A Christian Should Never Want To Hear
Our Ancient Ancestors Were Forced From Africa 60Scientists now think they know how life as we know it beganColombia house made from mudGratitudeEid al - ending the fast of
The Indus Valley civilization is 2The most detailed look yet at how early humans left AfricaIndia's slave bridesJapanese family life is falling apartFaith and apparel
Top 10 Fascinating Facts About NeanderthalsWestern contact with China began long before Marco PoloNorth Koreans are defecting from the country in drovesSaudi Arabia Is ChangingGreat Hymn to the Aten
Smart PeopleThe Anthropocene Is Here - Humanity Has Pushed Earth Into a New EpochHajj 2016 by the numbers
The Hidden Motives Of The Chinese Silk RoadThe Shocking Truth About Child Brides Around The WorldHow Do Sunni and Shia Islam Differ
These are the greatest fears that people have in the worldIs the Pope Catholic Enough for Conservatives
Pope Francis Shifts Power From Rome With ‘Hugely Important’ Liturgical Reform
Pope in Christmas Speech Blasts Vatican Resistance to Reform
POPE issues calalog of virtues for church leaders
Religion - what about athiests
The age of white Christian America is ending
The differences between the Catholic and Orthodox churches
The Mormon Jesus
The Truth About the Royal Family's Religious Background
The Ugly in Christianity
Why Religion Is More Durable Than Commonly Thought In Modern Society