Geography 1002: World Regions    
Special Note:  These presentations are included here to help my students better understand some geographic concepts.  If I have included a presentation you have made and do not wish to have shared, please notify me at, and I will  have it removed.  PowerPoints Presentations labeled (3D) will require the use of 3D glasses (red/cyan) for most slides with pictures.
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Culture Realm Pages - You can find much more information here
European Realm Page
Russian Realm Page
North Africa, Southwest Asia & Central Asia Page
Sub-Saharan Africa
North American Page
Latin American Page
South Asia Page
East Asia Page
Southeast Asia Page
Australia, New Zealand, & Pacific Page

Regional Geography and Miscellaneous Materials.
Introcuction to World Regions World Regions Transportation in Developing Countries Europe
Middle America N. Africa & SW Asia South America SubSaharan Africa
Greece, Turkey & Cyprus Scenes of Developing Countries European Union Constitution? European Union
European Union Agenda Latin America - pictures Latin America Latin America 3
North Africa with SW Asia Regional Geography Monuments around the world S. & E. Asia
Subsaharan Africa 2 Regional Geography - US & Canada European Union - Economy, Society, & Polity

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