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Helps for Geographic Study
Other Resources
Geographic Themes
News Sources
Atlapedia Online Countries of the World CIA World Factbook Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Google Earth   Enchanted Learning Geography Countries of the World The Union Recorder

   Geosciences Courses on the Internet Geography Action Christian Science Monitor
National Geographic Map Machine    Human Geography: People, Places, and Change The Geography Olympics The Economist
Color Landform Atlas of the U. S. Internet Geography Global Issues That Affect Everyone New York Times 
  Atlas of Inequality The Geographer's Craft World Resources Institutes EarthTrends San Francisco Chronicle
The Atlas of Canada
USA Today
Washington Post 

Common Dreams
Geographic Methods
Physical Geography
Humans and the Environment
Public Education Center
Distance Calculator About's Physical Geography
How Big is the Solar System? Earth's Active Volcanoes   Global Warming FAQ Truthout
Official U. S. Time The Electronic Volcano   Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Africa Daily
Earth-Sun Relations
Illustrated Glossary of Physical Geography    National Center for Atmospheric Research al Jazeera Mountain Building/Orogeny
Arab News

When North Goes South RealClimate Asia Times

  Paleomap Project  Stop Global Warming BBC

  Plate Tectonics
 Union of Concerned Scientists Global Warming page Islam Online

USGS This Dynamic Earth  What's up with the weather? Guardian Observer

USGS Volcano Hazards Program
World News Asia

USGS Volcanoes of the World
The Atlantic Monthly

Volcano Live
Drudge Report

Global Beat

Monthly Review

The Nation
Population Patterns
Cultural & Social Geographic Issues
Economic Issues in Geography/ Measures of Development Political Issues in Geography
Population Reference Bureau BBC Religion and Ethics   Atlas of Inequality   The Nature of Political Boundaries
United Nations Population Information Network Culture Change The Progress of Nations
U. S. Census Bureau Geography Material Culture   Human Development Reports
U. S. Census Bureau International Data Base Material Culture Links Human Rights Watch
  World POPClock Projection PBS What is Race? United Nations Development Programme
World Population Calendar   Understanding Race UN Research Institute for Social Development

UNESCO The World Bank

North America -
Middle & South Amereica -
Europe -
Russia & Newly Independent States
The Atlas of Canada Rainforests Eurocosm UK
GeoBop's North America Caribbean Community Secretariat
Bucknell Russian Studies Department
Maps of North America   Countries of the Caribbean   Panorama BackPacker Chernobyl Photo Gallary
Center for Democracy and Technology Cuba News NGS Central Asia Unveiled
Global Envision Global Resource Information Database
The Official Guide to Russia
   Global Exchange Granma International (Cuban news)
Russia on the Net

Latin America Geographia
Russia on the Web

Latin American physical geography tour (.kmz)
Russian/American Cultural Contrasts

UNESCO Focus on Central Asia

Maps of the Caribbean

Virtual Trip to Brazil

Globalization Environmental Issues Urbanization Political Geography
World Trade Organization Conservation International City Profiles Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
  Globalization and the Downsizing of the American Dream Environmental Literacy Council   ePodunk    Department of State Background Notes
   IMF view on Globalization Natural Hazards Center Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research Global Issues: Geopolitics
World Resources Institute 20 Most Populous Cities of the World  
The Center for Urban Studies

North Africa and Southwest Asia Sub-Saharan Africa South Asia
East Asia
Al Jazeera News Africa Interactive Maps
Encyclopaedia of the Orient South African Business Directory Asia Society Asia Society African Studies Center Association for Asian Studies Association for Asian Studies
The Islam Project   Centre of South Asian Studies   East Asia Curriculum Project
East Asian Library

Carter Center

Free Africa Foundation

PBS Africa

Cultural Geography
Population Geography
Social Geography
Economic Geography

    Christians Common Questions about Islam

    International Organization for Migration

Atlas of Inequality Commanding Heights
Cultural Profiles Project Migration Information Source Human Development Reports Economic and Business Geography Resource Index
Cultural Survival Migration News Human Rights Watch
Don't Gross Out the World- Cultural Geography Food Quiz Population Connection United Nations Development Programme International Monetary Fund
Religions Around the World
The World Bank Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development
  Resources for the Study of Islam Population Reference Bureau World Food Program  
  Resources for the Study of Islam UNFPA
    U. S. National Debt Clock

United Nations Population Information Network
The World Bank Group

U. S. Census Bureau Geography
World Trade Organization

U. S. Census Bureau International Data Base

World Bank HIV/AIDS

World POPClock Projection

World Population Calendar

World Population Information

Southeast Asia
Australia and Oceania Global Futures
Asia Observer About Australia Foundation for the Future Guide to Australia Global Ideas Bank
  Association for Asian Studies Oceania News

SEAsite    Oceanian Governments on the WWW Rocky Mountain Institute
   Southeast Asia Resource Action Center Picture Australia UNESCO

    Virtual New Zealand United Nations University

Worldwatch Institute

Outstanding Student Resources
Learning how to find the information you need on the Internet, and how to evaluate and appropriately use the information you find, can be challenging for students. The following is a look at some of the most comprehensive—and reliable—educational websites a student can bookmark and use to research school projects and homework assignments.
Web literacy and general reference

Information Literacy

All students—no matter what age—need help navigating and evaluating the ever-growing store of information available on the web. This University of Idaho site is an information literacy primer that will quickly turn any half-hearted or random searcher into a savvy Internet detective. It guides students through a series of modules that teach them how to distinguish different kinds of information on the Internet, search for and select research topics, search databases and other collections, locate and cite sources, and evaluate the sources they find.


A merger of the Internet Public Library and the Librarians' Internet Index, this site is a comprehensive source of "information you can trust." Thousands of volunteer library and information science professionals created and maintain the site’s reference collections—sets of links to websites on U. S. presidents, author biographies, museums, research and writing, literary criticism, and many more topics. The Ask an ipl2 Librarian reference service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provides individualized help finding authoritative, free online sources for specific topics.


Checking facts in Internet sources is one of the key ways to evaluate them, and, which stands for "reference desk," simplifies this essential step. Since 1995, has served as a one-click springboard to many of the web's top dictionaries, encyclopedias, calculators, atlases, news headlines, and search engines. The site also includes a handy Homework Helper section (under the Help and Advice column on the lower right of the page) that provides help in all subjects to students in every grade.

Fact Monster

For younger students who are not quite ready to navigate Refdesk, Fact Monster from Information Please is the tool to use. The Reference Desk on this site features a layout that is designed for easy fact-finding and includes timelines and an almanac, atlas, dictionary, and encyclopedia, as well as a Homework Center. Students can also search by visually identified topics or by typing in keywords. Check out fun features such as Biographies of the Presidents, the Geography Hall of Fame, and the Tallest Buildings Slideshow.

Microsoft Download Center

Consider the Microsoft Download Center your ultimate file repository. It links to tens of thousands of downloadable free or shareware programs. These include updates, utilities, applications, and extras for Windows, Macintosh, and other platforms; Internet tools; security essentials; developer resources; mobile devices; and, of course, computer games. You can search for what you need alphabetically, by product family, by download category, or by typing in a keyword. The Microsoft Worldwide Downloads site enables you to download files in more than 80 different languages.

Microsoft Student Experience

This site is the cool place for the technology leaders of the future. It offers student resources, helps students stay connected through its newsletters and technology clubs, and provides a career portal and Students-to-Business program. The links to scholarship competitions and to TechStudent—a site for website builders, designers, and software developers in training—encourage creativity and skill development. The Student Experience site also links to DreamSpark, which enables students not only to download professional software such as Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, Visual C++ Express Edition, and Robotics Developer Studio for free but provides free training for using these tools as well.

English and history


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Perfect for language studies, this handy website automatically converts text from one language into another, such as English to Simplified Chinese or French to English. You can type and paste up to 10,000 characters (about 1,800 words) into the search window and then select the desired language. Or cut and paste a web URL to convert the entire site.

Project Gutenberg

As every parent and student knows, books that are required reading are not always available, or if they are, students may misplace their copy before they finish the assignment. Project Gutenberg to the rescue. This site enables you to download more than 30,000 free electronic books to read on your computer, iPhone, Kindle, Sony Reader, or other portable device in a variety of file formats. You can search by title and author or browse their collection of classic works, many of which are available in audio editions as well.

Internet History Sourcebook Project

This site, sponsored by Fordham University and edited by Paul Halsall, provides older students with access to a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts for educational use. It includes collections of primary sources in ancient, medieval, and modern history, as well as history of science, women's history, African history, and others.

The web's answer to those black- and yellow-striped Cliff Notes is, a reliable and free source for literary analysis of classic and contemporary books such as Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Notes from the Underground. The site offers character profiles, metaphor and theme analysis, and author biographies.

Shakespeare Online

This website can be filed in the "where was this when I was a kid?" category. On this aptly named site, visitors can read every play or poem from the world's most celebrated writer and, more importantly, make some sense of his works with free analysis, Old English language translations, and famous quotes.

Super Summaries

Short summaries of a number of books, a few relate to geography. This might be more useful when taking a literature course. Extensive summaries are available for purchase.

Math and Science

This site provides help in a number of mathematics-related subjects, including basic grade-school math, calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics. Practice exercises are automatically graded—and this free site also features a glossary, calculators, homework tips, math games, and lesson plans for teachers.

Science Made Simple

Science classes—including the ubiquitous science project—aren't as easy for some to grasp as they are for others. At Science Made Simple, elementary and middle school students can get detailed answers to many science questions, read current news articles related to science, get ideas on school projects, and take advantage of unit conversion tables. Users can also find out if their school's textbooks pass the test.


Ever wanted to know why earthquakes happen? How CD burners work? What the sun is made of? These questions, and many others related to computers/electronics, automobiles, science, entertainment, and people, are all answered at this award-winning website. Simply type a query into the search window or peruse the topics by category. Extras include free newsletters, surveys, and printable versions of all answers.