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Links and Files (Some of these sites have links to other tours or panoramas) You will need Quick Time installed to view the panoramas in a 360 degree view.
Special Note:  These presentations are included here to help my students better understand some geographic concepts.  If I have included a presentation you have made and do not wish to have shared, please notify me at, and I will  have it removed.
Tour Eiffel Montgolfière Cathédrale Saint-François- Xavier, Chicoutimiis
Une centrale du Michigan
St. Michael & Gudula Cathedral
Un incendie majeur 

Notre Dame de Bon secours à Montreal Chapelle de la Maison Mère-Mallet, Québec
concert d'Oliver Jones, Juin 2009 Palais des Congrès à Montreal Hôtel de Glace, Sainte-Catherine- de-la-Jacques- Cartier, Québec Feux sur glace, Quais du Vieux-Port de Montréal
Carnaval de Québec Hotel Ruby Foo's - Montreal Arizona: Gates Pass Arizona: Grand Canyon
Arizona: Grand Canyon 2 Arizona: Grand Canyon  3 Arizona: Lees Ferry Arizona: Sedona 1
Arizona: Sedona 2 Arizona: Sedona 3 Arizona: Sedona Town Arizona: Desert Flowers Slide Show
Arizona: Picacho Peak Slide Show Arizona: 26 Bar Ranch Slide Show Arizona: Aspens Slide Show Arizona: Canyon Lands
Arizona: Desert Plains & Plateaus

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Rome Christmas 2002
Belize 2006
Las Vegas & Grand Canyon 2006

Sicily New Year 2002/2003
Riviera &  Tuscany 2005 Hawaii 2006 (Pictures)

Arizona 2003

Central Illinois & Springfield 2008