Econ 3055 - Economics Issues for the School Curriculum - Geography Topics
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Module PageRequired Readings and Climate Change PageTests and module quizzes will be found in Helps and Resources in MyGatewayRequired Readings and Climate Change tests will be found in Helps and Resources in MyGateway
5 Themes of Geography PowerPoint5 Themes of Geography Powerpoint 2 NOTE ON THE 5 THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY: All elementary, middle school, and high school textbooks are written around these 5 themes. Persons who might end up teaching geography should be comforatble with these 5 themes.

Bonus Point Activity (only one may be submitted - select from the two below)Descriptions, Directions, Forms, etc.Courses for which this may be applied
World Heritage Site PowerPoint Project - Look at the PowerPoint presentation by clicking the link in the box to the right of this. The last part of the PowerPoint gives the basic requirements and then gives an example of a finished project.. Only one can be submitted.(50 [pomts_Project PowerPoint

List of World Heritagte Sites
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NEW!!!  Country Presentation in PowerPoint - You must use the template supplied in the next column. The template tells you what goes on each slide.  Helpful places for finding the data (get the latest possibgle) are Wikipedia, Google, and the CIA Factbook. Most countries also have a web page wher you may find much of teh information requested in the template. Only one can be submitted. (50 points) The template will tell you what goes on each slide.PowerPoint Template

Sample of a completed project

List of approved countries
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