Geography 1001: Introduction to Geography
Study this short (9 slides) Highly Reommended PowerPoint: Student Orientation-a Self-Study
The links below will take you to all the materials you need for Geography 1001, except for quizzes and tests (available in CANVAS)
Syllabus and Study GuidesMy Professional Background &Information  Course Materials  The PowerPoints that go with the chapters of the textbook are available here in regular or 3D REQUIRED READINGS and Climate Change Powerpoint and module (IN ADDITION TO THE TEXTBOOK)
The readings, materials and the study guides are available here.
Geographic Topic Modules Page Complete a module before taking a bonus quiz so you will know what the questions are asking about.  Bonus Point Opportunities It would be wise to earn some bonus points to help boost up your grade. My Educational Creed

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Official Fall Academic Calendar - Contains all the important dates for adding, dropping, etc.
Test amd Quiz Schedule  Look here for when a quiz or test becomes available and when it ceases to be available.  Illustrated directions for accessing the collaborative study guides in Google Docs. Three file formats:
.doc (Older MS Word)    .docx (Newer MS Word)      .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Instructions for i<Clicker registration online students ignore thisGlossaries Page You have a glossary at the back of your book, but sometimes you may not find a term there. Here are a variety of glossaries that might be helpful.

Source of FREE textbooks - Check the section on Student Success - several useful books. Check the logo above to access the site.

List of Free Online Geography Courses and Educational Materials

Saylor Academy Open Textbooks 
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Links for the collaborative study guides in Google Docs. Follow the directions in the syllabus to gain access.  You will be able to comment on each question and comment on what other students have posted.
Syllabus TestTest 1
Required Readings TestTest 2
Climate Change TestTest 3
Test 4

Other Helpful Materials
Foundations of Geographic Thought and ExpressionGlossaries Page (helpful for studying)GlobalizationExpanded Study Helps Page - General Study & Geographic Study
Landforms, Landforming Processes, & Water Features PageMajor ReligionsWeather & ClimateResources and the Environment
Agriculture, Food, & HungerEcology & Life Systems