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These materials are presentred for the use of the students in my geography classes. Notice:  In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, these materials are distributed without profit for research and educational purposes only. If an author does object to having his/her material made available here, contact me at naumannj@msx.umsl.edu and the material will be removed.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The health and wellness materials presented below are not intended to replace consultation with health professionals.  They must be read critically and must never be followed if they disagres with advice given by health professionals.  I offer these only because I am interested in my students well-being and success as whole persons, not mearly as students of geography.
Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella (PPT)Daffodil Principle (Doc)Health Maintenance -  Vitamins (PPT)12 Surprising And Productive Brain ExercisesBig Mud Puddles and Sunny Yellow Dandelions (Doc)To see, read, and/or print the book, Prayers, Poems & Ponderings , click on the picture (Doc) Now available as an e-book (Nook Book) at Barnes and Noble.
Relax and de-stress (ppt)Daffodil Principle (PPT)Keeping Healthy (Treating Cold/Flu & Fighting Germs)Test-Taking Tips for University StudentsTears of a Woman (ppt)
Happiness is a Voyage (PPT)I Believe (PPT)Keeping Healthy 2 (Cholestrol & sleep improvement)Study Tips from Geography StudentsThe Hippo and the Tortise (ppt)
Perseverance (PPT)Encouragement (PPT)10 Tips for Coping With Anger

5 Foolproff Ways to Stop Procrastinating With Adult ADD

A Geographer's Album of Profound Thoughts (PPT)
Play at Work (PPT)Inspiring Quotes (PPT)Beneficial Bible Foods
About Dogs (PPT)New Eyes: The Beginnings of Book Two
Quotes on Personal Responsibility (ppt)Life and Friendship (ppt)12 Yoga Poses for Your WorkdayTo go to the Glossaries Page, click HERE
Healing Prayer (ppt)

Desert Lessons on Stretching (Doc)

Learn to Live (PPT)Nuggets of Wisdom (PPT)Twenty-eight ways to deal with spring allergies
Increasing the greenness in your lifestyle (ppt)
If God Could Speak (Doc)
Some Inspiring Quotes (PPT)Petals of Life (ppt)79 Instant Stress busters
Faith (ppt)
On a journey -- home (Doc)
You Can Win (PDF)
The Amazing Tugboat (ppt)Health Maintenance -  Vitamins

ON A JOURNEY September 12 -- terror (Doc)
Your Smile is so Important (PPT)
The Wish of a Righteous Man PPT)Cataract information

Books: Christian Livingn and Spirituality Page
Inspirational Quotes 1 (PPT)
Building a Life (PPT)
Heart Disease (ppt)

Books: Religion & Metaphysics Page
Inspirational Quotes 2 (PPT)
Fathers (PPT)
One of The World's Best Snacks (MS Word)

A Little Humor
Bob Hope in Heaven (PPT)
Friends are Like Baloons (PPT)
Making Sense of Calcium (MS Word)

Technotoons (PPT)
Spiritual Check-Up (PPT)
Looks Like (PPT)
Looks Like (PPT) Are Cell Phones Hazardous (ppt)

A Walk Down Memory Lane (PPT)
Dancing With God (MS Word)
De-stressing (ppt) Friends - Let's Learn from the Animals (PPT)

Unusual Car Recovery (ppt) Christians (ppt)
Life is More Fun in Pairs (ppt)
Be Nice to Others (PPT)

Cats being Cats (ppt)
Small Things Teach Us a Lot in Life (ppt)
Quotations for Meditation (PPT)

Humor (ppt)
Snow & 45 Lessons in Life
Nature's Valentines (PPT)

Unusual Shop Names in the UK (ppt)
Life After 50

The True Meaning of Words (PPT)

The Car You Deserve (ppt)

Value What is Yours

Tulips & 11 Hints for Life (PPT)

The Wish of a Righteous Man (ppt)

(MS Word)

Holland's Tulips (PPT)

Do Dogs go to Heaven? (ppt)

Powerful Words – Positive & Negative

Interesting Sayings (ppt)

How Sleepy Have You Been? (ppt)

The 90-10 Principle (ppt)

Tears of a Woman (ppt)

Looking Back from 2010 (PPT)

This is Attitude
The Hippo and the Tortise (ppt)

Contagious Illness

Learning to Dance in the Rain (video clip)

A Geographer's Album of Profound Thoughts (ppt)

Computer Addicts (ppt)

Some Awwws for your Day

About Dogs (ppt)

Biblical Humor (ppt)

Great Minds to Inspire you in Life (ppt)

Memories (ppt)


A Man and his Eagle – Remarkable (ppt)

Emotions Trump Logic (ppt)

Comments made in the year 1955! (ppt)

Inspiration - pencil drawings (ppt)

Tips For Better Life In 2010

Paradoxical Signs (ppt)


Wise Tips From Tweety

Things You Don't See Every Day (ppt)

To Inspire you in Life (PPT)

A Beautiful Book

Weird Houses (ppt)

8 Ways to Increase Hope (PPT)
Breathtaking 2010

Who Packs Your Parachute?


The Song Of The Birds

For Friendship

A Soldier Died Today (doc)

A Beautiful Lesson in Life and Longevity (ppt)

Friendship (ppt)

21 Ways to be Inspired (ppt)

Birds and Wise Sayings (ppt)

Time (ppt)

What I Believe (PPT)

Special Pages for Growth and Self Improvement
How to make a difference in yourself and others

The True Meaning of Words (ppt)

Thoughts to Ponder (ppt)
The Benefits of Silence (ppt) NEW

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