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These materials are presentred for the use of the students in my geography classes. Notice:  In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, these materials are distributed without profit for research and educational purposes only. If an author does object to having his/her material made available here, contact me at and the material will be removed.
Regional AtlasesSpecialty Atlases

Map Quizzes lessons and ActivitiesUN Atlas of Environmental Change
European AtlasUN Atlas of Environmental Change Thematic Atlases
Short, fun map quiz European Atlas (UN)
Russian AtlasWhat are Maps, Globes,&  AtlasesAsia Pacific-1
SubSaharan AfricaMap ProjectionsAsia Pacific-2
North Africa and Southwest AsiaPurpose Games - learn & check basic geographic information  in 30 gamesLatin America
United States and Canada AtlasPurpose Gamers Challenge - If you like to compete against others, try this page.North America
Central Asia AtlasUsing an AtlasPolar
Israel and Her NeighborsUnderstanding Geodesy and Map ProjectionsAfrican Lakes
East Asia AtlasAfrica Atlas (full)
South Asia AtlasGazetteers (find latitude & longitude of places)
Southeast Asia AtlasUNEP One-Page Topical Issues (PDF)
Atlas of International Freshwater Agreements (PDF)
Latin America AtlasAsia Gazetteer
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania Atlas
Computer maps: weather& climate data
World Terrorism Atlas
Handy Reference Atlas
World Atlas of Diseases

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World Atlas 2Online Atlas of the British and Irish FloraAtlas of Economic ComplexityThe World Atlas of Language Structures
UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in DangerCultural Atlas of Australia[PDF Download] The New Cultural Atlas of ChinaCultural Atlas Of Africa (PDF download)
Bhutan cultural atlasReuters – the wider image (photos)