My Special Interests

TEACHING:  When I'm not teaching, I enjoy travel and photography, much of which will be used in my teaching. To go to my professional information and teacher's page, click here. 

Travel:  Since 2000, my wife and I have traveled to China (Mary Jane), Belize (Joe), French Reviera, Italian Riveria, Tuscany, Rome, Sicily, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. I will update my trip PowerPoints as we take more trips. To view PowerPoints of trips and trip pictures, click here.

Spiritual Growth:  I've made annual spiritual retreats at a Jesuit retreat hourse for almost 30 years. I participate in several Bible study groups and in a small-church faith-sharing commnity, I seek regular spiritual guidance from a spiritual director, and I read materials relevant to spiritual growth. To see spiritual articles, etc., click here.

.Writing: I had three professional articles published while I was teaching at McCluer North High School.  Since publishing my book, Prayers, Poems, and Ponderings, I haven't had much time to work on a second book.  Maybe some day the collected bits and pieces may end up being a second book. To read the book, click on the cover picture.



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