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Joshua Trees and Climate Change articleBeyond record hot February 2016 articleCalifornia Drought Causing Trees to Die China AIR POLLUTION
Half of Amazon tree species in dangerGiant holes are bursting open in SiberiaEl Nino worst in over 15 yearsEarth is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction event
Monster el ninoNew global heat records set for October and yearPermafrost a climatic time bombPermafrost Meltdown Raises Risk of Runaway Global Warming
Pink snow - pretty, but a troubling sign of a melting ArcticStudy suggests Earth is heading toward a second catastrophic hotThe ground in Siberia is turning into a trampolineThe Strongest El Nino in Decades Is Going to Mess With Everything
The world’s clouds are in different places than they were 30 years agoVital California kelp forests vanishing due to global warmingYet more global heat records fall in AugustHow melting sea ice is making the southern oceans less salty

PowerPoint Presentations
7 reasons why Arctic sea ice mattersBreathtaking Cloud Tsunami Rolls Over SydneyCalifornia Wildfires July 2016Cities with the World's Highest Temperatures
Climate change chartsCoastlines and Climate ChangeCLIMATE CHANGE --Navajo Nation Witnesses Changing LandscapeColorado snow storm 4-17-16
Drone Footage Of Greenland's Melting Ice Sheet Is TerrifyingEl Niņo Is Threatening to Pull These HousesFacts About Lake Mead and the Long DroughtComputer maps and weather (climate) data
Sea Level Rise Could Look Much Worse byPhotos Show the Reality of a Warming PlanetGiant holes are bursting open in Siberia,FIRE GIANT IN CANADA
The Changing ClimateWhat we may be losing at the ends of the earthCities vulnerable to sea level risingGlobal warming AkCS_current
CAFOD_Greenhouse_effect_explainedWhat Extreme Weather Costs the US

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