Human Geography Topics    
Special Note:  These presentations are included here to help my students better understand some geographic concepts.  If I have included a presentation you have made and do not wish to have shared, please notify me at, and I will  have it removed. 
Unless noted otherwise, each item below refers to a PowerPoint presentation.
Political Geography
Economic Geography
Urban Geography
Historical Geography
Intro to Economics Communities are Different USA 101 Years Ago
Stateless Nation - Kurds
Primary Activity 10 most expensive U.S. cities, etc. A People's Geography of American Empire
Geoge Bush's 2007 Trip to Latin America Infrastructure Problems Welcome to London
FacingWest: Manifest Destiny and US overseas imperial expansion 
Secondary Activity Cities Vulnerable to Sea Level Rising
U.S. Military Interventions
Israeli-Arab Problem
Tertiary Activity U.S. Urban Segregation
December 7, 1941 - Pearl Harbor
Local Government
Development Strategies Chicago 1890-1940 The Earth in Perspective
Government Types
Economic Growth St. Louis Metro Area The Holocaust
Conflict Glossary Economic Inequality Barnstable County, Massachusetts
Millenium Mix
Glossary of Political Geography Economic Structure
Silk Road Chronology
World Terrorism Economies of Scale
The Silk Road
Terrorism in Moscow
The Silk Road Part 1
Indicators of development
The Silk Road Part 2
Local Government 2
International Trade Liberalization
Universal Perspectives
Electoral Geography
Development Models
History of Afghanistan
President Obama in South & Southeast Asia
The 1920s
At Home with a Dictator
Haiti: A Sad History
Protests Topple Dictatorship in Egypt, 2011
Global Business Today
Mahatma Gandhi
2011 post egyptian protests
An Eye Opener

Really Old Photos
Blessings of the 1st Wworld & Poverty of the 3rd World Sustainability: Social and Ecdonomic Choices

The Failed Artist

A Greener America - There is Hope
The Mughal Empire Period in India

Development: Polynesia 19th Century and 21st Century

A Look Back In History depression to 1941 (MS Word)

Blessings of the 1st Wworld & Poverty of the 3rd World

Footnotes to History (Fantastic Web Link)

What Extreme Weather Costs the US

Pearls – the Story in Pictures

Nomadic Herding

Annuity Resources - Retirement Calculators and Planners (Web link)
Retirement & Investment Plans (Web link)

Language & Linguistics
Population Geography
Cultural Geography
Russian-Plus [Web Link] (Learn Russian on line)
Basic Demography What is Culture? Globalization

The Jewish Culture and the Yiddish Language [web link]

Migration Folk Culture Globalization - the Christmas tree
Many Ways to Say Good Morning (MS Word)
Population Geography Cultural Gg. & Global Markets Santa Claus – Secularization and Globalization

Population Growth Culture hearth - India Modern Architecture Around the World

Population I Humanity

Population II
Popular Culture as Global Culture

Physiologic Population Density for each of the World's States (PPT)
Food Around the World

If the World Were a Village (great demographic data)
Culture and Business

Human Migrations
Cultural Awareness

Religion in Culture: USA

Differences in Cultures

Dance and Culture

Cultural Differences: India Travel Guide

Ethnic Dress in Pakistan

Ethnicity in Asia

Minority Ethnic Groups in Wiltshire, England

Female Ethnic Dress Through the Centuries

Culture and the Self

Maya Movement

Philosophy of Religion


The Jewish Culture and the Yiddish Language [web link]

Brides (Wedding Styles)

UN World Heritage Sites

Meaning Associated with Rose Colors

Diversity Among Humans

Culture - As With Time, Cultures Change