bat in bellefontaine

The Harris Center, as part of a developing partnership with Bellefontaine Cemetery to inventory Bellefontaine's native biodiversity, sponsored an evening of bat and moth sampling in the cemetery. On August 28, NPR's All Things Considered aired a story based on this work. Click here to listen.


New article by Christina Baer and Robert Marquis on invasive insect species is highlighted in Science magazine website and the UMSL Daily


2014 Jane and Whitney Harris Lecturer Lincoln P. Brower receives Conservation Action Prize and is interviewed by NPR’s Veronique Lacapra


Dr.Carmen Ulloa, member of the Harris Executive Committee and MBG curator, describes new genus of plants, adding the 6.5 millionth specimen to the Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium



Drs. Jeff Ettling (UMSL alum and curator of herps at the STL Zoo) and Sharon Deem speak out for turtle conservation.


Dr. Silvia Fallon

Dr. Silvia Fallon, senior scientist at the NRDC and UMSL Biology alum, testifies for the monarch butterfly


Four UMSL graduate students take OTS Course

 Four UMSL graduate students
(Camilo Calderon, Vona Kuczynska, Courtney Pike, and Isabel Loza) took OTS
courses in early January 2014, and produced videos posted at National

Compton Foundation Fellowships in Environment and Sustainable Development

Graduate Student Awarded Goldman Prize