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Academic Program Review

Transform UMSL: Review of Academic Programs

The University of Missouri–St. Louis is reviewing its academic programs as part of a four-campus initiative designed to ascertain our programmatic areas of growth, strength and excellence to help guide, among other things, future distribution of resources. This process has the potential to transform UMSL into a model institution customized to serve metropolitan populations, communities and businesses.

Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies Chris Spilling is chair of the review committee, which is comprised of members representing major academic units and University Senate/Assembly committees.

The review will take place from the fall 2017 semester through the early spring 2018 semester. It will include quantitative and qualitative analyses, as well as numerous conversations with and input from the entire campus community. Committee recommendations are due to Provost Kristin Sobolik on March 15.

This website is designed to help inform and involve students, faculty and staff in the review process. It contains data on UMSL programs, a list of committee members, FAQs and a mechanism to ask questions of or make comments to the committee chair.