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Undergraduate Certificates

Certificate in Actuarial Studies

The Certificate in Actuarial Studies is designed to provide the education needed for entry level employment in the actuarial profession.

Certificate in Data Science

The Certificate in Data Science is designed to provide computing and statistical foundations for work with big data and data analytics.

Certificate in Internet and Web

The Certificate in Internet and Web is designed to provide a broad training in technologies related to the Internet and Web, with flexibility allowing a student to satisfy specific interests.

Certificate in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

The Certificate in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing is designed to provide training in technologies and framework for mobile apps and computing.

Certificate in Cybersecurity (in cooperation with the Department of Information Systems)

The Certificate in Cybersecurity is an interdisciplinary studies program designed to provide basic training in emerging areas of information, data, and network security.

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity is a multidisciplinary program housed in the Graduate School. It is designed to help students from all backgrounds achieve a foundation in information security.