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Undergraduate Business Programs

Thank you for visiting the College of Business Undergraduate Website! We are excited about our academic programs and strive to be "one of the top metropolitan public business schools in the country and be recognized as a leading student-centered provider of quality business education." The College of Business draws students from a variety of educational backgrounds with diverse life experiences. Our students understand the practical application of education to their careers, and so they demand more of themselves, of their professors, of their fellow students. 

At the College of Business Administration, our undergraduate programs have been cited for their excellence and innovation. For instance:

In closing, our programs are dynamic, evolving to meet the ever changing needs of the St. Louis area market. Our students and faculty each bring a unique culture, educational, and professional background to the classroom, enriching the experience for everyone. But most importantly, the mutual challenge to excel drives those who rise to the challenge beyond even their own expectations.

Michael Elliott
Associate Dean
College of Business Administration

Michael Elliott

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