Below is a list of scholarships available to students enrolled in the College of Business Administration. You may apply for these and other campus scholarships via the Office of Financial Aid scholarship application page.

Anheuser-Busch Employees Scholarship

Arthur Mayer Scholarship

Barbara and Bernard Kohm Scholarship in Business

Belvia I. Smith and David W. Smith Memorial Business School Scholarship

Chunn Family Scholarship

College of Business Administration Alumni Association Scholarship

CSI Leasing Scholarship

Dale & Tanya Woods Annual Scholarship

Donald H. Driemeier Business Scholarship

Dynalabs Scholarship

Ed G. Smith Scholarship for Sigma Active Members Scholarship

Edward Jones Alumni Scholarship

Emery C. Turner Business Scholarship

Enterprise Opportunity Driver Scholarship

Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship

Faculty and Friends Undergraduate Scholarship in Business and Economics

Friends of the College of Business Administration Scholarship

J. Cole Award

Jay H. Nilson Memorial Scholarship

Joan M. Phillips & Carlos Hernandez Annual Scholarship in Business

Joe and Marie Porter Scholarship

John and Helen Martinich Student-Athlete Scholarship

Keith J. and Ruth Hollander Elliott Scholarship in Business Administration

Keith J. and Ruth Hollander Elliott Need-Based Undergraduate Scholarship in Business Administration

Lyle & Charlene Brizendine CoBA Scholarship

Lyle & Peggy Gilbertson Scholarship

Maritz Jubilee Scholarship

Pastor Mary A. Miller Annual Scholarship in Business

Randy Sanderson Scholarship

Realista and Haack Family Fund Scholarship

Sandra A. and Virgil V. Van Trease Endowed Scholarship In the College of Business Administration

Sandra and Virgil Van Trease Reach for Excellence Scholarship in Business Administration

Schuermann Family Scholarship

Sharon and Dale Fiehler Scholarship 

Stanley and Terry Freerks Scholarship annual Scholarship in Business

Steven Novic Scholarship in Business

Winchester Family Scholarship

Carol Crump Hill Memorial Scholarship

Donald J. and Mary Mueth Endowed Scholarship in Business

Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship

Asset Consulting Group Annual Scholarship

Don and Mary Ann Mueth Promise and Opportunity Scholarship

Ethan A. H. Shepley Jr. Community Banking Award

Mindy Griffin Finance Scholarship

NISA Investment Advisors Scholarship

Student Investment Trust Scholarship

Dick Navarro Memorial Scholarship

Graduate Business Scholarship

MDMC Graduate Scholarship

Noel K. Mahr Graduate Business Scholarship

Accenture Alumni Scholarship for Outstanding IS Students

Association for Systems Management - St. Louis Scholarship

Boeing Company Scholars Program in Business (Information Systems)

Gateway to CyberCity Annual Scholarship

Gateway to Innovation Scholarship

Noel K. Mahr Graduate Business ScholarshipU.S. Bank Cybersecurity Scholarship


Timothy J. Caton Scholarship in Information Systems

U.S. Bank Cybersecurity Scholarship

Vicki Sauter Endowed Scholarship in Information Systems & Technology

David P. Gustafson Memorial Scholarship for Overseas Study

Tim Heard/Caleres Scholarship in Internation Business

International Business Advisory Board Scholarship

International Business Fellows Scholarship

International Business Scholarship

International Business Studies- Matching Scholarship

Messrs. Pang Yulam & Pang Kiyan Memorial Scholarship


Richard R. Sheldon Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad

Robert B. Vining, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in International Business

Smith Family Study Abroad Business Scholarship

Steve & Barbara Burrows Endowed Scholarship in International Business

Tim Heard International Business Next Generation Merit Scholarship

Dik Twedt Marketing Scholarship

Marketing Advisory Board Scholarship

MDMC Promise and Opportunity Scholarship

MDMC Undergraduate Scholarship in Marketing

SCORE/St. Louis

For more information about these awards and scholarships, contact Sherry Fantroy-Ross at (314) 516-5883.