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Welcome to the first step in your professional success. We offer degrees in accounting, business administration, and information systems and technology. Emphasis areas within Business Administration include: finance, international business, management, marketing, and supply chain & analytics. UMSL Business is the best value and a dynamic place to begin your college journey!

Our AACSB accreditation places us among the top two percent of business schools worldwide with dual accreditation in both business and accounting, and we are ranked in the top three percent of business schools in the United States by Princeton Review.

UMSL professional academic advisors are excited about partnering with you to build a personalized plan to support your career aspirations. Review our degrees offerings below and remember that our programs are dynamic, evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the St. Louis area market.

We look forward to working with you and trust you will choose UMSL Business!

Our Students: “We are proud of our talented and diverse student body that continues to serve in paid internships each year numbering over 100, to earn positions at great firms and organizations upon graduation, and to pass the CPA Exam each year at rates above the national averages.” Dr. Stephen R. (Steve) Moehrle, Chairman, and Professor - UMSL Accounting

Accountants measure and analyze business activity and then organize data and information into reports and communicate the information to decision makers. The successful accounting professional needs a thorough grasp of accounting rules and excellent quantitative skills to prepare financial statements and analyze the financial and operating data that decision makers use in marketing, finance, personnel administration, and other business activities. Further, accounting professionals must possess excellent written and oral communication skills so that their information is effectively communicated to managers, colleagues, clients and capital market participants.

To reiterate:  Accountants determine the financial position and results of operations of organizations (businesses, not-for-profits, etc.) and report the information to external groups (stakeholders, governments, etc.)

Consider the following minors: Information Systems and Technology, Finance, Criminal Justice, and Cybersecurity

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When I was in college, I dreaded group projects. I thought they were the worst. Then I got into the real world and realized everything in life is a group project. It’s funny to look back on it now, but it’s really true. I think that was good preparation for me. I learned managerial skills of how to balance different personalities and keep harmony amongst everyone while still allowing people to be innovative and provide challenging ideas.” Tammy Hawkins, BSBA-2005 (Read more about Tammy’s story)

For those undecided regarding a specific emphasis area, a general business degree option is available. Students must complete a minimum of 18 hours of upper division approved business electives (see comprehensive list of business courses in the Emphasis Area link below).

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Our goal isn’t just to pump out entrepreneurs. In fact, we know that not everyone is meant to start a business. The same mindset that makes a good entrepreneur, however, also makes a good employee. Whatever their ultimate goal may be, the real-life wisdom and experience students gain by learning to think like an entrepreneur gives them the skills they need to achieve it.” – Dan Lauer, Founding Executive Director, UMSL Accelerate

Choose UMSL to earn your bachelor’s in business administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Turn an idea into a business. Develop skills that set you apart in your job search. Get out of the classroom and into the real world. Collaborate with CEOs, work with a startup, or earn funding to launch your own.

The Entrepreneurship emphasis area will focus on students acquiring knowledge, abilities, and skills enabling them to ultimately develop and successfully launch entrepreneurial ventures in small, medium sized, corporate, and not-for-profit organizational settings.

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Finance is a multi-disciplinary field that combines various concepts from management, economics, and accounting with financial techniques to make sound business decisions and solve problems.  There are many business situations in both large and small companies that require knowledge of the latest financial practices and tools.  Generally, these applications involve investing (using funds) or financing (raising funds).  As a result, the field is comprised of a number of areas including corporate finance, investments, financial institutions and services (banking, insurance, real estate) and personal financial planning. 

To reiterate: The Finance field focuses on the decision-making process of entities (companies, individuals, etc.) regarding their assets, including how to invest them. 

Consider the following minors: Information Systems and Technology, Accounting, International Business, and Economics

UMSL Finance and Legal Studies Department

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Our undergraduate International Business program has been ranked in the top 25 nationally by US News and World Report's annual ranking of the best universities for eighteenth consecutive years.

Dr. Joseph Rottman, Director, International Business Institute

Department Chair, Global Leadership, and Management

The world is moving away from an economic system in which national markets are distinct, isolated entities towards a system in which national markets are becoming increasingly integrated. The study of international business focuses on understanding the forces behind this globalization of markets and production as well as the constraints on its attainment. The international manager must be able to apply basic business concepts to the diverse global marketplace. The international marketplace requires a manager to have a solid foundation in finance, marketing, accounting, supply chain & analytics, and management as well as the ability to adapt these fundamental concepts to unique situations.

To reiterate:  The International Business field enhances the knowledge students receive from other areas in business so they can view business problems and solutions from a global perspective.

Consider the following minors: Languages, Anthropology, and Sociology

Second major emphasis: Finance, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management & Analytics

UMSL International Business Institute

Global Leadership and Management Department

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“Successful managers must scan the competitive landscape in all its complexity to creatively capitalize on opportunities and mitigate threats. That process involves working with and through people, so managers must also exhibit skillful and compassionate leadership. That leadership must be informed by thoughtful analysis, intimate knowledge of the business, and a clear and compelling vision for its future.”

Dr. Brandon Ofem, Global Leadership and Management, UMSL Assistant Professor

The study of management and organizational behavior focuses on the behavior of individuals and groups in an organizational setting. The business environment today demands graduates who can effectively work with and lead others. The management and organizational behavior emphasis stresses the qualitative approaches to business. The major areas of focus are:  the theory and functions of management, the management of human resources, the development of strategic policies in an organization, organizational design and conflict resolution, entrepreneurship and international management. 

To reiterate: Do you ask yourself why some managers are more effective than others?  Learn the theories behind what you already observe in your place of employment.

Consider the following minors: Psychology, International Business, Communication, Non-Profit Administration, and Political Science

UMSL Global Leadership and Management Department

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“[Dr. Perry Drake] teaches us and pushes us to get out and network. This [Midwest Digital Marketing Conference] is such a big deal, and he’s really showing us the importance of taking advantage of opportunities like this to make those connections.” Nicholas Sylvia, current BSBA-Marketing (Read more to read more about Nicholas’s story)

Marketing is an important part of any business or organization and can enhance growth, increase profits, and help achieve the organization’s goals. Furthermore, marketing plays an important role in our society by enhancing our quality of life. Marketing involves the activities needed to facilitate an exchange. This covers selling products, services or ideas to both consumers and business buyers. Digital and Social Media Marketing is fast becoming a central element of today’s business. Many non-profit institutions are now enthusiastic users of marketing concepts; thus marketing majors find such untraditional areas as hospitals, churches, museums, universities and retirement homes often offer excellent entry-level opportunities for marketing majors in addition to such traditional firms as manufacturing and retail concerns.

To reiterate: The marketing field involves understanding consumers (individuals or companies) through research and the best way to interest them in purchasing your product, service or experience.

Consider the following minors: Digital Marketing, Information Systems and Technology, Media Studies, and Certificate in Advertising

UMSL Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

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The professors that I had at UMSL are just so engaging and actually follow through on things. They check up on students and make sure that you’re ready to go once you graduate. The amount of attention I received really blew me away.” Jeff Russ, BSBA Supply Chain Management - 2017 - Supply Chain and Analytics (Read more to read more about Jeff’s story)

Supply chain management and analytics (SCMA) covers a wide range of topics within the broad areas of supply chain management and business analytics. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the cornerstone to modern economies and includes all of the activities needed to get the right product to the right place in the right quantity at the right time. This requires effective procurement and sourcing, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and service delivery, inventory and warehousing, distribution, sales and customer service, as well as the associated information and financial management. SCM professionals are involved in every facet of an organization as they work to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Business Analytics includes a wide range of techniques, skills, statistical methods, and modeling to develop better understanding and new insights for data-driven decision making. Departmental programs cover descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, including optimization and simulation, as well as effective communication of results from analytics projects. Graduates in Supply Chain & Analytics are in high demand in all types of service, manufacturing and government organizations. he supply chain management and analytics involve analyzing organizations, often using analytical models, so they can operate more efficiently. 

Consider the following minors: Transportation Studies, Information Systems and Technology, and International Business

UMSL Supply Chain and Analytics Department

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UMSL allowed me to work at an internship and take classes at the same time.” Matt Morehead, BS Information Systems, 2007

Information Systems and Technology(IS) are of vital importance organizations and IS professionals fill key roles such as systems analysts and designers, database administrators, network administrators, cybersecurity officers, web designers, project managers, software testers and technical writers.  They think strategically about selecting, deploying and utilizing IS for organizational efficiency and competitive advantage.  UMSL’s IS program provides students with a foundation in both the functional areas of business and in computing technologies.  This unique blend enables graduates to appreciate the strategic role of technology, formulate a vision for IS and communicate that vision to stakeholders.  Students are prepared to pursue both technical and managerial careers incorporating leading edge technologies in public and private organizations.

To reiterate: IS field prepares you to select, deploy and utilize IS for organizational efficiency and competitive advantage.  You learn how to answer the question “what problem are you solving?” by using information technology.

Consider the following minors: Accounting, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, and Supply Chain Management & Analytics

UMSL Information Systems and Technology Department

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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Cybersecurity degree is a STEM designated, CIP Code 11.1003 (Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance) interdisciplinary program jointly provided by the departments of Information Systems and Technology (College of Business Administration) and Computer Science (College of Arts and Science). Given cybersecurity is both a technical as well as a management issue facing organizations, the program is designed to be multi-disciplinary in its curriculum and espouses to remain nimble given the rapid pace of change in this field.

BS in Cybersecurity with emphasis in Information Systems and Technology

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