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Drop or Withdrawal

Students who plan to drop from a particular class should do so immediately. A single day can make a big difference in the amount of a refund.  Refunds are effective from the date a drop is submitted online or a completed drop or withdrawal form is received in the Registrars Office, not from the last day of attendance.  Nonattendance does not constitute an official drop/withdrawal, and students will be responsible for unpaid fees.  Stop payment of a check also does not constitute an official drop/withdrawal from classes. For stop payments, a $20 returned check fee will apply and students will be responsible for unpaid fees.  Students who officially drop one or some of their classes may have fees reassessed and/or refunded based on the current semesters fee reassessment schedule

 Note:  The following fees are reassessed due to a drop or withdrawal:  Tuition Fee, Special Course Fee (if applicable).  These are the only fees that can be reassessed and refunded.

Charges that students accrue prior to a refund being issued will be deducted from the refund amount.  Charges that are accrued after a refund is issued will be billed to the student on the monthly billing statement.  The financial aid award, if any, is subject to revision. 

To be eligible for a refund, students who withdraw during the semester must follow the withdrawal procedures established by the University.  Students are responsible for canceling their registration and verifying that all of their classes have been dropped.  When a student completely withdraws from a semester and was receiving federal financial aid, the University and/or the student may be required to return some of the financial aid, awarded to the student. See the Federal Aid (Title IV) Refund Policy for more information.

Actions that are not considered official notification of withdrawal

  • Assuming classes will be cancelled for non-payment
  • Failure to attend class
  • Giving notice to an instructor
  • Stopping payment on a check used to pay fees
  • Crossing out courses on a schedule
  • Returning only partial payment to the Cashiers Office
  • Verbal notice to any University Office
The timeframe to receive a refund may be longer for students who have dropped hours and are receiving financial aid funds that may be reduced based on enrollment requirements, or for students who have dropped hours and no longer have a full time course load.  Refunds may also be delayed for students who have had an administrative drop, backdated drop or a complete withdrawal.