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The Touhill Performing Arts Center is proud to honor donation requests for specific charitable fundraisers. 

  • Donation requests must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date of the fundraising event.

  • You may submit request through the online form or by mail. We do not accept requests by email or phone.

  • We have a very limited ticket inventory available for donation requests, so we may be unable to help with your efforts at certain times.

  • Organizations are limited to one donation request per calendar year.

  • We reserve the right to deny any donation request.

To be considered for a charitable donation, please fill out this form.

Thank you for reaching out to the Touhill Performing Arts Center. We hope your event is a great success!

As a unit of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the Touhill Performing Arts Center is a non-profit organization that supports the needs of the campus and community. Your patronage is very much appreciated by the Touhill staff, University, and our partnering organizations.

If you can provide further support to help maintain and improve the facility, you can donate through the UMSL Advancement Office.

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