For an immediate housing emergency call the Housing Helpline at 314-802-5444 for shelter resources.

Students who do not have stable housing or are facing homelessness are at tremendous risk for experiencing negative impacts on their academic progress.

Without a consistent, secure place to stay, these students may experience nutrition and sleep deprivation, threats to safety, stress, depression, and a lack of necessary resources to uphold daily academic requirements. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with housing instability or homelessness, please click "I Need Assistance" or "Refer a Student" for support.

Housing counseling can include the following:

  • Linkage to community services/resources related to emergency housing, rental assistance, legal assistance, utility assistance, and credit repair

  • Exploration and planning of available and appropriate housing options

  • Individualized budgeting

  • Creation of a sustainable housing plan

  • Advocacy for appropriate on-campus resources

  • Housing crisis intervention

Housing Resources

Section 8

If you have a Section 8 housing voucher but are having difficulty finding a home, you can use GoSection8 to search for properties by zip code. You can also view listings in St Louis County and St Louis City

Community Housing Counseling

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has also compiled a list of Missouri agencies providing housing counseling.