Student advocacy and care

Welcome to Student Advocacy & Care, formerly Student Social Services. We're a team of specialists who provide support to UMSL students, regardless of need, to help drive their success. We have two dedicated full-time case managers, a team of graduate student assistants, and offer a host of community resources.

Our mission is "to provide students with interventions, education, and access to resources which empower them to address barriers relative to academic progress and personal success."

For Spring 2021, we will be available to serve you in a variety of ways that protect yours and our safety and health. We know that your time and energy is limited and we will be diligent and efficient in our work with you. At this time, all meetings with a campus social worker will be held virtually via Zoom or phone.


United Way 211 is a good place to start as you identify your needs.     START HERE 

Case Management

We have a team of two certified case managers, Robin Kimberlin and Shereka Kemp. Feel free to reach out to us with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Robin Kimberlin, MSW

Shereka Kemp, BSW