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Triton Emergency Fund

Students with unexpected and immediate financial needs that put their continued education at risk may be eligible for assistance through the Triton Emergency Fund or additional financial assistance through the Student Financial Services Office. Our students' stability and ability to be successful is of the utmost importance to us. The Student Advocacy & Care Team is here to support you and assist in navigating your situation to best identify resources and services. 

The Student Financial Services Office will be able to assist you in determining if you are eligible for additional aid, grants, and/or scholarships if your financial situation has changed since you completed your last FAFSA. Please contact the Student Financial Services Office directly.

The Triton Emergency Fund 

The Triton Emergency Fund is administered by the Office of Student Advocacy & Care to help provide UMSL students with immediate financial support when urgent and emergency situations put their continued education at risk. 

The goal of this fund is to prevent one small emergency or unexpected expense from derailing a student’s progress toward degree completion. Funds may be provided only when sufficient funding is available. Applicants will be contacted by a case manager from UMSL Student Advocacy & Care to further discuss the details of their application and their needs.  

Funds will be available in the amount of $500 or less based on need. View additional information regarding applicant qualifications, covered and non-covered expenses, and the application link below. 

Apply Here 

  • Is a currently enrolled as an UMSL student; 
  • Has not have previously received financial assistance through this fund; 
  • Is experiencing an immediate financial hardship resulting from an emergency or other unexpected critical incident that has a direct and foreseeable impact on the student's ability to continue their education; 
  • Has demonstrated a good faith effort to explore other funding options (e.g. insurance, free or low-cost community services/resources, relatives, etc.)
  • Has exhausted other financial resources as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services (i.e. has not exceeded maximum budget allowances, has utilized other financial aid opportunities); 
  • Has submitted a complete TEF application form; and 
**Documentation of an expense which is unexpected, unforeseen, and urgent may be requested
  • Food, baby formula 
  • Rental assistance or other emergency housing expenses 
  • Essential utilities  
  • Safety and security needs (e.g. changing locks, moving costs) 
  • Essential vehicle repair 
  • Other financial needs arising from an unexpected emergency or extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on an individualized basis.
  • Tuition and fees, or related student account balances 
  • Insurance 
  • Non-essential utilities (i.e. cable) 
  • Loss of items or furniture unrelated to damage or theft 
  • Costs of entertainment, recreation, or non-emergency travel 
  • Legal counsel and fees 
  • Parking tickets 
  • Other anticipated expense





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