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Secure File Upload

Most documents and forms can be submitted through the Secure File Upload on MyView to safeguard and protect your information.

When uploading promissory notes or documents for the Student Financial Services please select Student Financial Services on the department drop down menu.

NOTE: If you are uploading a W-9S Form then please select RECORDS from the department drop down menu.

Preparing documents:

Ensure all documents/forms are completed with the necessary information. This many include:

    1. Your UMSL student id number on all completed forms
    2. Your legal name (first and last)
    3. Handwritten signature(s) on all forms that require a signature. Typed/digital/electronic signatures cannot be accepted and will be returned. All forms must be printed and signed before being submitted. Scanned copies or photos are allowed and able to be uploaded.
    4. Removing any encryption or file types that are not compatible with the Secure File Upload

Submitting Documents:

You are able to access the Secure File Upload by logging into MyView and navigating to your Student Center.

From here you will click the Secure File Upload button on the right hand side as shown below:

Secure Upload

Once you have opened the secure file upload portal, you will complete the following steps to submit documents:

    1. Select the appropriate Office/Department. (Note: for W-9S Forms select RECORDS from the drop down menu)
    2. Select the document type. Once the document type is selected, additional information regarding that document type may appear below the selection box.
    3. If you would like to include any additional information when submitting a document, you can add comments or notes in the available box.
    4. You can then click the "Add Attachment" button to attach the document you wish to upload.
    5. You will receive an email confirming the successful upload. 

There are a couple requirements in order to successfully upload your documents/forms. 

    • Only acceptable file types can be submitted through the secure file upload. These include: .jpg, .png, .pdf, and .doc file types.
    • Files cannot exceed 17 MB (megabytes) 
    • Files cannot have unusual or special characters in the file name (for example: * % @ ! &)

If you are unable to use the secure file upload, all documents/forms can be submitted directly to the SFS office by mail or in-person at the address below.

327 Millennium Student Center
One University Blvd. 
St. Louis, MO 63121