In compliance with the University policy on email, correspondence from the Student Financial Services will be sent to student’s official University ‘’ email account. Official email communications can be sent to a group, such as all enrolled students, or to only one student.

The SFS will use your University email address for:

  • Notification that your monthly bill has been generated and is ready to view/pay online.
  • Responses to your inquiries about your student account.
  • Reminders and warnings concerning past due student accounts.
  • Information related to changes in office policy.
  • Notification of refund direct deposit.
  • Other specific or general communications.

Students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with University-related communications. Regular email management will also keep your inbox from becoming full, causing email to be returned to the sender with an error.

Not checking email, errors in forwarding email or email returned to the SFS as ‘Mailbox Full’ or ‘Undeliverable’ are not acceptable excuses for missing email communications.

Visit the Information Technology Services site for help in accessing your UMSL e-mail account.

Logon to your UMSL e-mail account.