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We aim to provide parents with all the resources and information they need to navigate the financial aspects of their child’s education; from checking an account balance, paying a bill, applying for financial aid and FAFSA processing, to exploring other available funding options, we're here to help you support them.

Additional Authorized Access - MyView

When a student wishes to allow third party (parental) access to their educational records, the student may login to the MyView system and register that third party for Additional Authorized Access. Additional Authorized Access can include one or all of the following options, depending on the student assigning access:

  • Student Accounts / Billing / Payment – Grants access to view and print current and past bills, view current charges and the ability to pay online.
  • Academic Information – Grants access to view Class Schedule and Grades.
  • Directory Information – Grants access to view address, email, and phone information.
  • Financial Aid – Grants access to view financial Aid Information.

All permissions granted will stay in effect until revoked by the student.

If the student is claimed as a legal dependent on either parent’s most recent federal income tax return, the university may release information to the student’s parent(s). However, the university is not required to do so, and prefers that students take the initiative to disclose and discuss academic goals and progress with their parents.

Financing Options

There are many options to finance your child's education. Learn more about

Federal and State Financial Aid Checklist

  1. 1

    Step One: File your student's FAFSA

    File your student's FAFSA by February 1* for incoming freshman, new transfer, and for all continuing and graduate students. Students filing after that date will be applying for remaining financial aid funds available (typically Pell grant and Stafford loans.) For Missouri Residents, the State has a deadline of February 1* for state funded scholarships and grants. Be accurate and complete when filing FAFSA. Don't leave a field blank. If a question doesn't apply, enter 0.

    *For the 2024-2025 Academic Year, the FAFSA must be competed and finalized by April 1st 2024 to meet the State deadline and be eligible for as much funding as possible.


    Students who have a FSA ID may use it as their signature. Students who do not have or don't know their FSA ID and contributors of dependent students can obtain a FSA ID at the StudentAid.gov website. Get started creating an FSA ID.

    “*For the 2024-2025 Academic Year, the FAFSA must be competed and finalized by April 1st 2024 to meet the State deadline and be eligible for as much funding as possible.
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    Step Two: Your Student's FAFSA is Processing

    Allow 3-5 business days for Student Financial Services (SFS) to receive your student's electronic FAFSA. Once it has been received please allow 1-2 weeks minimum for application processing. SFS will contact your student if any additional information is needed before we can process their application. Your student can check their to-do list in MyView for required items.

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    Step Three: Review your Student's Award, Accept or Decline

    Review your student's student aid report (SAR) carefully, follow any instructions provided. Accept or decline your awarded financial aid promptly on MyView to allow for quicker processing

  1. 4

    Step Four: Set-up Your Student's Direct Deposit

    Have your student set-up direct deposit to have any excess federal Stafford loan funds automatically deposited to your checking or savings account. They can initiate direct deposit in MyView.

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    Step Five: Keep us Updated

    Notify SFS immediately of any scholarships, grants, stipends, fellowships, or other awards that your student will be receiving if they are not listed on their award. Remember, we may be required to make adjustments to the financial aid offered to you. If your student receives money from other sources at any time during the year, their awards may be reduced.

    Be sure to make sure your student updates their current mailing address on the MyView system under "Self Service" to ensure they receive mail in a timely manner.

    Students should also complete the UMSL Online Scholarship Application by April 1.