What is Disbursement?

Payment of financial aid into your student account will occur at the beginning of each semester provided you have registered for sufficient credits. First payments of financial aid into student accounts generally occur the week before classes begin. Then, at the end of add/drop period (generally the first two weeks of the term), we will verify enrollment for the second and last time for the semester. All adjustments to the semester’s aid will be made at that time. Additional aid may pay if your credit loan increased or aid will be reversed from your student account if you reduced credits since early disbursement.

If you receive any scholarship or loan checks directly from a third party, such as a donor or lender, you must submit these checks for processing to the Office of Student Financial Aid, 327 Millennium Student Center. We will deposit the funds to your University student account and credit balance funds will be sent to you via mail or direct deposit.

Tuition Payments

The Office of Student Financial Services can help you determine how to make a payment on your account. If you are unable to pay the balance due, you may pay at least the minimum payment amount by the due date that automatically places the account on the installment plan during the fall or spring semester.

Financial aid will not be credited to your account more than 10 days prior to the start of classes, as required by financial aid regulations. Before your financial aid can post to your university account, you must be registered for sufficient class hours to be considered eligible for the aid. 

More Information About Payments

Other Billing

At the time your aid is disbursed, any on-campus charges on your student account (in addition to tuition) will be automatically paid. Typically, the amounts due are fees, housing and other University Charges, including any previously unpaid balances. Some charges, such as any balance from a previous term, must be paid in full.

If the balance available in your account is not sufficient to pay all the charges, you will be sent a bill to your UMSL email account. Do not ignore these bills. Your online student account, available for viewing on the web, will show up-to-date balances and itemized charges and credits.

You are responsible for making your account payments on time. Your billing statement will list both a new balance (if any unpaid amount remains) and the minimum payment due and a due date. If the total balance due on any statement is paid in full by the due date, you avoid additional late fee charges.

More information about billing


If you received a refund, you may have an overpayment on your student account or excess financial aid. Check your refund status online in MyView.

More information about refunds

Requesting corrections or clarifications

To request a correction or clarification on a billing item, please contact the department that placed the charge as soon as you receive your statement. For example, if you feel that you have been charged incorrectly for your on-campus housing, contact Residential Life. Student accounts receivable, the office that generates your billing statement, cannot alter or change charges that have been placed on your account by another department. Contact the SFS Office if you need assistance determining what department is responsible for a charge to your student account.