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HyFlex Consultations

HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) is an innovative teaching modality designed to make a class available to students in a variety of formats: in-person, online synchronous (through Zoom), and online asynchronous (through Canvas). UMSL is offering a limited number of these courses each semester. The faculty who teach in HyFlex must complete a set of training through the CTL as well as with Missouri Online.

The CTL is partnering with Information Technology Services (ITS) who bring expertise and partnership with faculty on policies and teaching at UMSL. This collaboration helps faculty tailor and build on what they have learned through Missouri Online’s programs for the UMSL context. This support has two major components:

1) Consultation Before April 30

First, faculty will have consultations with the CTL and ITS in small groups organized around the course format. These informal, interactive sessions will help faculty develop strategies for using technology in the classroom, engaging and assessing students, and integrating other HyFlex planning such as policies, syllabus statements specific to the HyFlex modality, and instructional team member possibilities. Faculty can register for these consultations through this form. The consultation should be completed by April 30 for any HyFlex courses on the Fall 2024 schedule.

2) UMSL Classroom Support

Second, each faculty member will have a supportive practice session in their assigned HyFlex classroom with CTL and ITS team members who will help trial-run their specific pedagogical plans and classroom setup. These practice sessions will include tips to leverage the in-room technology, maneuver the room layout, and maximize the pedagogical goals for class sessions. These tailored, individualized support sessions will be scheduled according to faculty availability and preference before the launch of the Fall 2024 semester.

By combining tailored consultations with in-classroom practice session(s), faculty can realize their plans for a successful Fall 2024 HyFlex course implementation that affords equitable engagement and access to students in all three modalities. UMSL supports continue into the semester for technology support and teaching observation feedback during the Fall semester, as requested.

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