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UMSL Five-Year Reviews

The University of Missouri System requires an examination of the activities of programs with attention given to teaching and research. The University of Missouri's Collected Rules and Regulations have policies on program review and program audit. To implement those policies the University of Missouri-St. Louis has conducted program reviews since 1983.
Program review has evolved significantly since then into a much more sophisticated and serious part of our overall assessment plan and we continue to adjustment the process. How the campus community feels about the reviews is another indication of our quality.
The purpose of our five-year reviews is to observe, assess, and strengthen academic programs, centers, and administrative units on campus. Reviews occur once every 5 years. Evaluation of each program or unit is conducted through a self-study process that is reviewed by both an internal campus review team and an external reviewer.
The review process aligns with the campus strategic compacts of ensuring Excellence in Student Success and Excellence in Research and Creative Works, as well as our core values of inclusion, innovation, access, and engagement. Reviews also complement the current Curriculum Alignment Process and the Program Prioritization process.

One year before the review: Departments/Units/Centers who will be reviewed are notified and asked to submit a list of potential external reviewers by end of the semester.

Semester before review: Faculty Fellow meets with units to answer questions, set potential review dates, and give an overview of the process. External Reviewer and Campus Review Teams are assembled, and a review date is finalized.

Six weeks before the review: Submission of a self-study report to the Faculty Fellow.

Review Date: External reviewer visits the unit and completes a review, along with the campus review team.

Three weeks after review: External Reviewer submits their report to the Faculty Fellow, who passes the report along to the Campus Review Team.

Three weeks after external reviewer report received: Campus Review Team submits their report to the Faculty Fellow, who passes the report (and the external reviewer’s report) to the Unit and Dean (if applicable).

Four weeks after receiving reports or following semester depending on timing of review: Units submit their unit response to the faculty fellow. Both reports and the Unit response is forwarded to the Provost and the Dean (if applicable).

Following semester: A closing meeting with the Provost, Dean (if applicable), Chair of the Unit, and Faculty Fellow is set.

Each department/unit/center will need to summarize assessment data in their self-study. Data can be accessed using the Power BI. To login enter your SSOID and password.

From the IR website you can also access:

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If you have any questions or need additional data you may also access the Institutional Research website.


The Provost’s Office supports the travel and honoraria expenses, while each unit is responsible for supporting the cost of the breakfast and lunch for the review date.

Travel and Review Expenses: The Provost’s Office handles all travel and lodging expenses, as well as up to $150 for dinner the night before the review with the Unit Chair, External Reviewer, and Chair of the Campus Review Team.

Honoraria: The Provost’s Office will process the honoraria ($500 per reviewer) for all external reviewers after the external review report has been submitted.

Breakfast and Lunch Expenses: All departments/centers/units are responsible for paying for the breakfast for the review launch meeting and the working lunch for the review team. The Faculty Fellow will coordinate with each chair on what items they would like to order and place the order for them using their MO mode.