Since 2002 the University of Missouri-St Louis has moved toward the concept of continuous improvement as we assess the effectiveness of our programs, faculty, and processes.

The Provost oversees assessment, with responsibilities delegated to the dean of each college for the assessment of their programs. Faculty are considered the experts in assessing student learning, both in their classes and in the programs learning outcomes. The focus in the programs is on the disciplinary knowledge and skills of each individual student; however, faculty also participate in the development and assessment of General Education objectives.

Points of Pride

  • 100% of programs at UMSL have undergone a 5-Year Review or have one scheduled.
  • 100% of programs at UMSL have specified learning outcomes.
  • 100% of undergraduate programs at UMSL build on the critical thinking skills in the campus General Education curriculum.
  • 94% of programs at UMSL have specialized accreditation if it is available.