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Creating Whole Communities

3 key focus areasCreating Whole Communities, formed in 2014, mobilizes the assets of the UM System to strengthen Missouri communities and build civic capacity.

What is Civic Capacity? The collective strength of people in a place to respond to challenges and pursue thriving, whole communities.

We define a whole community as one that:

  • Fosters a strong sense of belonging through social capital and intentional inclusivity
  • Activates all residents (particularly those that have been historically excluded) to contribute through community decision-making and civic process
  • Generates diverse civic leaders with a collective approach toward collaboration, action and bridge-building
  • Builds vitality through local residents, organizations, institutions and governments co-creating conditions for equitable, thriving, resourceful places

How we do it: Through a partnership between UMSL, MU Extension and Missouri resident leaders, we offer opportunities across 3 key focus areas: RESEARCH, CIVIC DIALOGUE, and LEADERSHIP + CAPACITY BUILDING 

Students, faculty, and community stakeholders that want to get involved are invited to explore working opportunities with CWC.


What's New?

Connect with neighborhood leaders in your communities using the interactive Neighborhood Leadership Alumni map.

Search a robust collection of community development trainings on MO Community LAB.

NLA awards 20 mini-grants ($46,805) for residents to launch self-developed neighborhood initiatives.


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