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The research funding landscape is competitive and constantly evolving. Timelines are tight. You are busy juggling teaching, research, service and life. The Research Development team is here to help you reduce some of the administrative load related to grant getting. We offer a comprehensive set of services and resources to help your proposals stand out from the competition and to support you as you collaborate across disciplines to solve big research and societal problems.

See what faculty are saying.

James Bashkin

"I would only submit another proposal with the expert assistance of the Research Development team."

"I strongly recommend that beginning and experienced grant writers work with the Research Development team on proposals. I have worked with Cynthia Jobe on many proposals, and she constantly improved them. The improvements were in general readability, consistency, logic, and narrative flow, which can be challenging to control in multi-investigator proposals. I would only submit another proposal with the expert assistance of the Research Development team."

- Jim Bashkin, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry


 "Completely in love with the work!"

"Mary possesses a unique ability to translate highly complex concepts into intuitive and meticulously crafted graphic designs. Her attention to detail and commitment to understanding our vision are evident in every piece she creates. Her willingness to revise her work until it perfectly aligns with our expectations is a testament to her professionalism and dedication. Every time she presents her final illustration, it's clear she has invested her talent and time to ensure we are not just satisfied, but completely in love with the work!"

- Shakiba Enayati, Assistant Professor, Supply Chain & Analytics

Rob Paul

"Exceeded our expectations for quality"

"Mary jumped right into our workflow and created several designs for our NIH P01 submission, including a study logo, organizational chart, workflow schematic, and conceptual design. She quickly understood our needs for this complicated submission and was very responsive to feedback throughout the process. Mary delivered all designs in a timely manner and exceeded our expectations for quality. Her work was innovative and cohesive while reinforcing the overarching messages in our submission. I highly recommend engaging Mary for research-related graphic needs."

- Rob Paul, Professor, Psychological Sciences and Director, Missouri Institute of Mental Health

- Julie Mannarino, Research Lab Manager, Missouri Institute of Mental Health and Program Manager, International NeuroHIV Cure Consortium (INHCC)

Lara Zwarun

"Warmly encourages the forging of connections"

"As a social science researcher who did not receive much training in my doctoral program on the ins and outs of seeking grant funding, I have found the staff and resources available to me through the Research Development unit invaluable. They are quick to respond to my queries, proactive in approaching me with opportunities that I might find relevant and provide high quality workshops and trainings that make me more effective at pursuing funding. Cynthia has a nuanced understanding of what people in all sorts of departments and disciplines study, and warmly encourages the forging of connections that might not be visible to any one individual. I feel very supported."

- Lara Zwarun. Associate Professor, Communication

Kim Werner

"Dedication of the team is unmatched"

"Cynthia’s assistance in proposal development and review has been essential to ensure our science is aligned with the agency requirements and in increasing the clarity of scientific writing.  Mary’s design skills are helping Nursing faculty more powerfully communicate their research.  The team's dedication to ensuring the success of my proposals is clear throughout the process and the dedication of the team is unmatched.  When working with the RD team, the overall quality of proposals is always significantly strengthened.

The grant training sessions led or organized by Cynthia have been instrumental in expanding our faculty and graduate students’ knowledge of best practices and provide tools to navigate the complex requirements of grant applications. The training materials are always well-crafted, the presenters are knowledgeable, and the interactive sessions fostered a collaborative learning environment. I highly recommend the RD team and services to any researcher seeking comprehensive and effective support when preparing grant proposals and looking for professional research development."

- Kim Werner, Associate Dean for Research, College of Nursing


"Incredibly beneficial experience"

"Working with the Research Development team has been an incredibly beneficial experience for me, especially as I began to apply for larger, external, interdisciplinary grants. They support faculty at every stage of the proposal development  and funding process. Cynthia has helped me find relevant opportunities, brainstormed with me to more clearly conceptualize projects with certain grants in mind, and offered ongoing feedback to make my proposals more cohesive, rigorous, and readable. Even more, now that she is familiar with my research, she connects me with other UMSL faculty with related interests, and this reminds me to carve out time and space to achieve my research goals and find joy and community in my intellectual work."

- Lauren Obermark, Associate Professor, English

Rachel Taube

"Expert guidance in grant training and proposal review"

"As a newcomer to grant writing, The Research Development team has been an indispensable resource. Cynthia’s  expert guidance in grant training and proposal review not only helped refine my voice but also led to the successful acquisition of two federal grants. I'm thankful for her thoughtful approach in sharing funding announcements and collaboration opportunities, which has significantly expanded my network. I highly recommend the Research Development team for their unwavering commitment to excellence and support for individuals at all levels of experience."

- Rachel Taube, MSW, Director, Mental Health First Aid, Missouri Institute of Mental Health