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MO Community Lab

STL Community LAB creates space for our region to Learn, Act, and Build strong communities. We do this by assembling community development trainings from a variety of organizations and universities in the St. Louis region onto one organized platform.

Mission: The mission of the STL Community LAB is to increase participation in the community-building process by educating and supporting all in the quest to build strong, whole communities.

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 STL Community LAB Offers:

  • A hub for residents and professionals to easily access and participate in high quality courses to build community through topics such as real estate, organizing, and managing a nonprofit organization.
  • Collaborative new programs, courses, and trainings that provide vital and current community development knowledge.
  • A way to connect the dots for neighborhood leaders hoping to take their community work to the next level and have a voice in civic decision-making.
  • Support for residents who are seeking to make the changes they envision for their communities.

Course Categories:

  • Civic Data
  • Community Belonging
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Organizing
  • Economic Development
  • Local Government 101
  • Neighborhood Leadership
  • Non-Profit Goverance including Evaluation, Fundraising, Coalition Building
  • Real Estate Development