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The CWC Leadership Advisory team is made up of community leaders and faculty members and strives to be a model for collaborative university-community decision-making.


Claire Rippel, CWC Director 

Tasnim Haq, CWC Program Manager

Renisha Davis, Graduate Assistant 

Anna Russell, Graduate Assistant 

Community Leaders

Tonnie Glispie-Smith

Delesha George

Janett Lewis

Pamela McLucas

Sherri Bailey

Shavanna Spratt

Charlin Hughes


Sarah Hultine-Massengale

Wilson Majee

Todd Swanstrom

Adriano Udani

Riisa Rawlins

Patricia Zahn

Florian Sichling

Kiley Bednar


What's New?

Connect with neighborhood leaders in your communities using the interactive Neighborhood Leadership Alumni map.

Search a robust collection of community development trainings on MO Community LAB.

NLA awards 20 mini-grants ($46,805) for residents to launch self-developed neighborhood initiatives.


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Claire Rippel 
(314) 400-7287