Common Searches

Whether one is seeking to improve their lives by furthering their education, better their health, expand their understanding through the arts, or improve on their professional skills, UMSL has something to offer for everyone. Read the pages below to find a list of resources available to the public on UMSL's campus. 

  • Educational Resources
    • Our diverse student body has access to world-class researchers and scholars, top-ranked degree programs and sought-after internship opportunities. In short, we offer a serious education at a serious value.
  • Health Services
    • UMSL dedicated to better the health of the greater community by providing services, centers and  quality care throughout campus open to the public.  
  • Arts and Culture
    • UMSL has a range galleries, cultural events, sculptures, and other related assets that can be enjoyed by not only those on campus, but the general public as well. UMSL recognizes the importance of preserving and the celebrating the arts as a whole. 
  • Professional Development and Continuing Education
    • UMSL seeks to better the lives of community residents by offering opportunities to improve their skills through professional development and continuing education. 
  • Recreation and Exploration
    • UMSL is invested in providing recreational and educational activities for the community. 
  • Summer Programs
    • UMSL offers several college prep, musical, leadership, optometry, and writing summer programs for youth grades 6-12.